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Tag: Hidden Gem

Justin and Jenna Rinehart, owners of Nicollet Bike Shop in Mankato are busy growing and serving the region's cycling community.
Indian Island Winery, located south of Janesville in the middle of Minnesota farm country, is a relaxing destination complete with live music and a full menu on the weekend.
Chankaska Winery offers wine grown from their own grapes as well as their own distilled spirits.
Javens Family Vineyard and Winery, located just east of Mankato, offers wines from locally grown, cold-hearty grapes.
With over 600 acres of woods, creeks, hills, trails and playgrounds, Seven Mile Creek Park, located between Mankato and St. Peter is one of the region's hidden gems!
Minnemishinona Falls on Judson Bottom Road just outside of North Mankato, is a beautiful 42 foot waterfall with an overlook.
A hidden gem, just north of St. Clair, Wildwood Park offers extensive access to the Le Sueur River.
Nestled between residential neighborhoods and busy city streets at the foot of Stadium Road hill you can explore habitats including woodlands, meadows, limestone cliffs, ponds, marshes and creeks.