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Kayak on water

Weekend High Notes: Water

The journey to recovery is overwhelming, and this week, Molly encourages us to find the strength to heal within ourselves and with the help of a few weekend activities.
Broken Heart

Weekend High Notes: A Fearful Thing to Love What Death Can Touch

After a tough week, Molly explains why fear shouldn't keep us from living a full life.
Photo by Don Lipps - Lakota Made shampoo and body wash

A Place to Call Home: Lakota Made

Lakota Made founder and proprietor talks about the company's new physical store
Photo by Lisa Lardy - Detail from Shells

Artist of the Month: Lisa Lardy

As the artist of the month, Lisa Lardy takes us through her artistic journey that seems to have no bounds.
Finger painting

Weekend High Notes: Your Art Is Good Enough

It's time we stop criticizing ourselves and our work. Let loose and relax this weekend with some Molly-approved activities!