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Photo by Carlienne Frisch - Walt Cheever "signs" each of his works.

Walt Cheever — Woodworking in His Blood

“When you feel the inside of a wooden bowl, if it’s as smooth as the outside, then it’s been well made,” said Lois Cheever, holding one of the bowls her husband, Walt, has made....
Monarch Chrysalis

Weekend High Notes: Goo

Sometimes, we're all stuck in goo. This week, Molly shares her journey for clarity and recommends some fun community activities!
Open Door

Weekend High Notes: Open

This weekend, open your minds to new hope and participate in some fun-filled community activities!

Weekend High Notes: The Hardest Part

This week, Molly explains that waiting is the hardest part, but lucky us, the weekend is already here, so check out the fun-filled community activities!

Weekend High Notes: Directions

This weekend, Molly encourages us to choose the right direction, including attending a few fun-filled weekend activities!