About Chankaska Creek Ranch & Winery

Chankaska Creek Ranch & Winery offers wine grown from their own grapes as well as their own distilled spirits.

In addition to the bar menu, the winery has a kitchen menu and live entertainment.

Surrounded by trees and located along a beautiful creek, Chankaska is a picturesque spot for weddings, parties or just relaxing.




  • Winter – January 1st–April 30th – Tasting Room
    • Monday–Tuesday: Closed
    • Wednesday–Thursday: 1pm–8pm
    • Friday–Saturday: 11am–10pm
    • Sunday: 11am–6pm
  • Winter – January 1st–April 30th – Kitchen
    • Monday–Tuesday: Closed
    • Wednesday–Thursday: 4pm–8pm
    • Friday–Saturday: Noon–10pm
    • Sunday: Noon–6pm
  • Summer – May 1st–January 1st – Tasting Room
    • Monday–Thursday: 11am–8pm
    • Friday–Saturday: 11am–10pm
    • Sunday: 11am–7pm
  • Summer – May 1st–January 1st – Kitchen
    • Monday–Thursday: Noon–8pm
    • Friday–Saturday: Noon–10pm
    • Sunday: Noon–7pm


1179 E Pearl St, Kasota