Inside the Heartache: Tour the Fairmont Opera House to see the Urgency in Repair Project

    April 19th, 2024

    Fairmont — We are facing a critical moment in the history of the Fairmont Opera House, and we need your help to ensure its future. Join us for exclusive tours* of the ongoing Capital Repair Project on April 26th and 27th and witness firsthand the urgent need for funding to complete essential repairs.**

    Tour Schedule:

    • April 26th: 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM
    • April 27th: 10:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM, and 2:00 PM

    The Fairmont Opera House, a symbol of our community’s spirit and heritage, requires your help. For community members to fully understand the scope of the necessary work required to reopen, we invite you to tour the facility and learn about what has been done and what needs to be completed. As you walk through this historic venue, you will see the shoring measures in place to support the roof, missing walls where restrooms once were, and hear the echoes of a once vibrant stage silenced by critical repair needs.

    Bob Luedtke, Board Chair of the Fairmont Opera House, said, “The pictures simply don’t do justice to the magnitude of the repairs needed. Seeing it in person is an entirely different experience.”

    Vice Chair Samantha Werre adds, “Walking through the Opera House today, you can feel the weight of this project. It honestly takes your breath away. We need everyone’s support to ensure this treasured landmark and cultural epicenter opens back up.”

    But amidst the shadows of uncertainty, there is hope. Your support can make a difference. You will witness our challenges and become part of the solution by joining us on these tours. Together, we can ensure that the Fairmont Opera House continues to shine as a beacon of culture and community for generations to come.

    “This is not an insurmountable challenge,” Executive Director Blake Potthoff states. “This facility has survived throughout the last 120+ years due to the community’s generosity, and we believe that we will not only survive but thrive due to and with this community again.”

    Each tour will offer a poignant reminder of why this project matters. You’ll hear the stories of performers who graced this stage, of audiences moved to tears by unforgettable performances, and of the countless memories woven into the fabric of this cherished landmark. And you’ll be reminded of the importance of preserving our shared heritage for future generations.

    We urge you to join us in safeguarding the Fairmont Opera House. Your presence, voice, and support can help ensure this cultural treasure remains a source of inspiration and pride for our community.

    Space is limited, so reserve your tour slot today and participate in this vital effort to save the Fairmont Opera House.

    For more information and to reserve your tour slot, please visit, email, or call 507-238-4900.

    About Fairmont Opera House:

    For over 122 years, the Fairmont Opera House has been a cornerstone of culture and community in Fairmont, MN. Its historic significance and artistic legacy continue to enrich the lives of residents and visitors alike.

    *Tour attendees are encouraged to be 18+.

    **Please note that due to construction, physical accessibility is limited. Please call the Fairmont Opera House if you have mobility issues.