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    Autumn Leaves

    Weekend High Notes: Leaves

    Fall is a time of transformation, and this week, Molly helps us ease the process. She also recommends some fun weekend activities!
    Caring Hands

    Weekend High Notes: Not Heroes, Humans

    This week, Molly encourages us to extend some kindness to our human heroes and recommends fun weekend activities.
    Photo by Don Lipps - Two-person saws on Jack McGowan's farm

    Hands-On History at Historyfest

    Historyfest 2021 will be held at Jack McGowan's farm October 6-9.
    Boy showing kindness to kitten

    Weekend High Notes: Hopeless Little Things

    This week, Molly shares the importance of spreading kindness and recommends some fun weekend activities.
    Autumn Leaves

    Weekend High Notes: Blind Trust

    This week, Molly helps us build trust in the future, and of course, recommends some fun weekend activities.