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Featured Event


Featured events float to the top of the MankatoLIFE’s Community Events Calendar whenever someone views the day on which the event occurs. You can purchase a Featured Event here.



All qualifying events go on the ManaktoLIFE Community Events Calendar for free. If you want your event to float to the top you can pay to have it featured.

If the event you want to feature is already on give us the title and date in Order Notes when you check out so we can find it. To see if your event is already on the calendar, either navigate to the appropriate date or use the search feature at the top of any page.

If the event you want to feature is not on the site yet, you can enter it here: Submit an Event to Our Calendar Include the Featured Event order number that you’ll receive when you’re done purchasing your Featured Event when you submit the event on that form to prevent delays.

Before you order your Featured Event, note the criteria for events on

  • The event is related to something to do.
  • The event is open to the general public – admission fees are fine.
  • The description of the event is family friendly.
  • Retail sales are not normally entered on our Community Events Calendar unless that sale offers something larger to do.

Purchasing one Featured Event brings your event to the top for one day. If your event runs five days, for example, and you want it featured all five days, you’ll need to purchase 5 Featured Events.