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Tag: The Local Stir

Natasha Frost writes about the burden of trying to do everything yourself and the blessing of learning how to ask for help.
Pressure can have a positive or negative impact. When looked at the right way, it can improve the work of a kitchen team - or any other kind of team!
Natasha Frost relates one of her family's holiday traditions centered on soup in this week's Local Stir.
Brigitte Rasmussen talks about one of the key requirements for cooking professionally in these week's installment of The Local Stir
Nicole Lange reminds us that while it's good to take on new things for a new year, it's more important to be happy with ourselves
Natasha Frost introduces the idea of Farm to Childcare as well as introducing some resources like Roots, Shoots and Boots
In this week's installment of The Local Stir, Natasha Frost talks about understanding the difficult local history of the interaction between settlers and Indigenous People as well as our responsibility to do what we can to bring about healing.
The principles of recovery can be helpful across many areas of life, including business. Natasha Frost relates how being present in each moment and taking things 24-hours at a time has made a difference.
As a property and business owner in Old Town Mankato, Natasha Frost makes the case that the best way to renovate Riverfront Drive is the Three Lane Option.
In this week's Local Stir, Natasha Frost helps us understand the importance of purchasing local and more specifically supporting our local farmers market.