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Tag: The Local Stir

The Local Stir is a new blog by the women of Wooden Spoon in Mankato. Here they'll tell stories of their food experiences and help you navigate the local food scene in the Greater Mankato Area.
That Friday started like any other day. We had no idea that 108 cases translated into 6000 pounds of raw, full birds!
The leaves are changing, the air is getting colder. All signs point to winter. And with that comes, among other things besides snow, holidays.
In the latest installment of the Local Stir, Brigette Rasmussen weighs the costs and benefits of taking a vacation.
I'm not sure I could have ever foreseen that one day I would own and raise chickens but here I am. What started out as helping a neighbor prepare for their chickens turned into me getting my own flock the following year.
Natasha Frost reflects on her experience with partnerships and what makes a good one in the latest installment of The Local Stir.