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Riverside Park - St. Peter, MN

Riverside Park

Riverside Park in St. Peter, is a hidden gem nestled on the west bank of the Minnesota River just south of Highway 99.
Red Jacket Trail Park - Mankato, MN

Red Jacket Trail Park

Red Jacket Trail Park, located south of Mankato on Highway 66, offers access to the Red Jacket Trail, as well as views of the Red Jacket Trestle and the beautiful Le Sueur River.
Rapidan Dam Park - Rapidan, MN

Rapidan Dam Park

Rapidan Dam Park, a few miles west of Rapidan, is adjacent to the Rapidan Dam and the locally famous Rapidan Dam Cafe & Store.
Rasmussen Woods - Mankato, MN

Rasmussen Woods

Rasmussen Woods, just off of Stoltzman Road in Mankato, is a nature sanctuary nestled in the heart of the city.
Red Jacket Trail - Mankato, MN

Red Jacket Trail

The Red Jacket Trail, south of Mankato, formally begins at Indian Creek Road where it continues from the West Mankato Trail and ends near the town of Rapidan.
Photo by Don Lipps - Rex Macbeth River Trail - North Mankato, MN

Rex Macbeth River Trail

The Rex Macbeth River Trail runs along the west side of the Minnesota River from Riverview Park near the intersections of US 169 and Belgrade Avenue in North Mankato and terminates at Kiwanis Park in the North.
Red Jacket Valley Park - Mankato, MN

Red Jacket Valley Park

Red Jacket Valley Park, located south Mankato on Highway 66, is one of the area's newest parks offering woodland trails and water access.
Sakatah Trail Picnic and Fishing Pier - Eagle Lake, MN

Sakatah Trail Picnic and Fishing Pier

Located just north of Eagle Lake on the Sakatah Trail, this scenic spot offers a great stopover on your trail-trek.
Sibley Farm - Mankato, MN

Sibley Farm

Located in Sibley Park, in Mankato, Sibley Farm offers a small zoo and a playground.
Sibley Park - Mankato, MN

Sibley Park

One of the oldest and largest parks in Mankato, Sibley Park abounds with recreational and entertainment opportunities.