Bray Park - Madison Lake, MN

Bray Park and Campground

Bray Park features a large beach and play area along with a separate campground.
Photo by Don Lipps - Central open area in Bluff Park, North Mankato

Bluff Park

A city park with a paved trail running through a large wooded area.
Benson Park - North Mankato, MN

Benson Park

Open park in upper North Mankato with lots of green space and a pond. Benson park also has a paved trail, playground, and restroom. Dogs are allowed on leash.
Clair's Creek Park - Mankato, MN

Clair’s Creek Park

Claire's Creek is a small trail leading through a wooded area in the Mankato Diamond Creek subdivision.
Duck Lake Park - Madison Lake, MN

Duck Lake Park

Located just north of Madison Lake, this popular park with beach and lake access offers volleyball, picnicking, fishing, swimming, and a playground area.
Fort LeHillier Landing - Mankato, MN

Fort Le Hillier Landing

Fort Le Hillier historical marker south of Mankato. While the fort is long gone, the visible mound on which it was built remains. Easy canoe and kayak access to the Blue Earth River.
Glenwood Gardens - Mankato, MN

Glenwood Gardens

Glenwood Gardens, on Glenwood Avenue in Mankato, offers a plot of raised beds with vegetables and flowers tended by local master gardeners.
Hiniker Pond - North Mankato, MN

Hiniker Park

Hiniker Park and Pond in Mankato are local favorites for swimming and relaxing on the sandy beach without having to leave the city.
Heart And Soil Community Garden - Mankato, MN

Heart and Soil Community Garden

Heart and Soil is a festive community garden in Mankato offering garden plots to the public.
Photo by Rick Pepper - Indian Lake Conservation Area

Indian Lake Conservation Area

Indian Lake Conservation Area is a 120 acre wetland mitigation site providing excellent wildlife viewing. The site features a trail for hiking and horseback riding.