South Route Trail

    South Route Trail - Mankato, MN
    South Route Trail - Mankato, MN
    South Route Trail — West terminus: 54497 Gadwall Road, Mankato

    The Mankato area is a bikers dream with an extensive paved trail system, including the South Route Trail.

    The western end of the trail begins in south section of Minneopa State Park which offers lots of parking and picnic areas.

    Crossing Highway 169/60 the trail runs parallel to Highway 90 for most of its length.

    Near the intersection of Highways 90 and 66, the South Route Trails runs together with the Red Jacket Trail for a short distance.

    The trail offers several challenging hills in the west before flattening out on the approach to Highway 22 in the east.

    Many wooded areas are interspersed with beautiful prairie along the route.