Selfhood exhibit at the 410 Project

By Molly Butler

A rare opportunity is headed to Mankato. The 410 Project is getting ready to host a truly once-in-a-lifetime gallery. “Selfhood” is an exhibition of site-specific murals and mixed media works by 16 Minnesota-based female, femme, trans, and non-binary artists and makers. The Opening Reception will be held August 27th from 7-9pm and the show runs through the 11th of September 2021.

Unlike conventional galleries, these 16 artists from around the state of Minnesota will be creating their artwork directly on the gallery walls. From floor to ceiling, each artist will be allocated a portion of wall to create their vision.

“The purpose of this exhibition is to bring awareness to our diverse populations of artists and makers,” said Director and Curator, Dana Sikkila. “As Director of the 410 Project it’s my mission to constantly be bringing new things to the table, using the space as a platform for art and advocacy, along with allowing artists to come in and create works directly on the walls. In our area we witness a lot of men being chosen to create and/or lead public art projects. I hope with this exhibition we see more female, trans, and non-binary artists leading public art projects in our area.”

The purpose of this exhibition is to bring awareness to our diverse populations of artists and makers Dana Sikkila

Styles will vary as much as the artists, with mediums ranging from acrylic, spray paint, fibers, printmaking, and more.

“Artists range from all backgrounds of art and are bringing new and exciting concepts to the table,” said Sikkila. “The 410 is proud to be a space allowing artists to come in and truly be a part of the space by making their own marks on the walls.”

Visit the 410 Project’s website or follow the 410 Project’s Facebook Event for updates and details.

Curator: Dana Sikkila (she/they)

List of Participating Minnesota Artists:

  • Theresa Crozier (she/her)
  • Casey Grengs – (they/them)
  • Sam Azzaro – (they/them)
  • Karmy Luker – (she/her)
  • Jocelyn Hartman – (she/her)
  • Markus Bean – (he/him)
  • Cory Favre – (she/her)
  • Erin Lavelle – (she/her)
  • Sarah Lew – (she/her)
  • Brianna Jensen – (she/her)
  • Heidi Storm – (they/them)
  • Riley Kleve (they/them)
  • Ray Gorlin – (they/them
  • Sarah Murphy – (she/her)
  • Erin Maurelli – (she/her)
  • Shelley Caldwell – (she/her)