People Stories

Of all the amazing things that make up our region, the most amazing of all are the people! Of all the things we want to write about, our highest priority is to write about the folks doing creative things. Let us introduce you to just a few of your neighbors in these Greater Mankato Area people stories!

Photo by Mike Lagerquist - Arnie Lillo walks among the 46 pairs of animals created displayed 2-by-2 on his property. The ark he created from Colorado blue spruce will be placed under the rainbow.

Noah’s Helper – New Attraction, Arnie’s Ark

Arnie Lillo has been displaying large metal sculptures on his property near Good Thunder for quite some time. He's introducing a new display, a large scale model of Noah's Ark
Photo by Grace Brandt - Some of the wares at Cheap Chics in Nicollet

Sarcasm and Sales – Cheap Chics Designs

Amy Stearns and Kari Mulvihill, owners of Cheap Chics in Nicollet describe their boutique as cute, affordable, sarcastic, and real
Photo by Jason Smith Aerial Imagery Media - Vetter Stone Amphitheater in Riverfront Park during Ribfest

The View From Above – Aerial Imagery Media

Jason Smith of Aerial Imagery Media has a unique perspective on photographing the Greater Mankato Area. He uses a drone to take images that simply can't be captured any other way.
Dried Tea

Customer Service to a Tea – Karshe Tea

Sami Ismail has come a long way and invested a lot of himself with the help of his family to open Karshe Tea in Mankato
Photo by Grace Brandt - Birdie, the center of the mobile business, Blackbird LLC

Popping Up Everywhere – Blackbird LLC and the Birdie

Ali Woods had a unique vision for a mobile popup shop business, Blackbird LLC, anchored by her pink trailer, Birdie.
Photo by Molly Butler - Living Earth Center in Mankato

One Woman’s Zero-Waste Journey in the Greater Mankato Area

Molly Butler shares her journey towards zero-waste living and offers some steps that anyone can implement
Photo by Don Lipps - Some of the game book options at Atlantis Hobby in Mankato

A New, Unique Family Owned Shop – Atlantis Hobby

Atlantis Hobby, a new shop on south Front Street in Mankato offers everything you need when it comes to board games and aquarium supplies.
Photo by Rachael Jaeger - Tanner Peterson in Sibley Park

Tanner Peterson – Life Adventures, Decisions, and Travels

Tanner Peterson has crammed a lot of living into his 21 years, and come away with a unique musical voice and a comfort with many styles.
Submitted Photo - Sambusas from J's Sambusa in North Mankato

A Long Road to a Taste of Somalia – J’s Sambusa

Nasra “Jamila” Ibrahim has traveled a long way and overcome many obstacles to open her new restaurant, J's Sambusa in North Mankato
Photo by AJ Dahm - Wild Lupine Dream

Behind the Camera – A Snapshot of Photographer AJ Dahm

AJ Dahm is passionate about telling the stories of the Greater Mankato Area through his photography