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These are the Greater Mankato Area featured stories that appear at the top of the site’s homepage.

Photo from the Standard Historical and Pictorial Atlas and Gazetteer of Blue Earth County, MN, 1895 - The Bierbauer Brewery stood at the end of Rock Street in Mankato for many years. The brewery buildings are now gone. Albert and Lillie Bierbauer’s house, which is pictured on the left, still remains on the corner of 6th and Rock Streets. This photo was taken in 1895 and at the time the brewery was producing 18,000 barrels annually.

Looking Back – William Bierbauer Brewing Company

The William Bierbauer Brewing Company (later the Mankato Brewing Company) operated in Mankato from 1863-1971.
Photo by Rick Pepper - Aerial view of the Silo Art Project in Mankato, MN

Nearing Completion – Silo Art Photo Album 3

The Silo Art Project, an endeavor by CityArt, is almost complete. Australian artist Guido van Helten has left his mark on the Ardent Mills silos.
Kid's Hand Taking Book from a Shelf in Public Library.

Summer Reading Is Not Cancelled!

Summer 2020 reading is alive and well at the Blue Earth County Library and the North Mankato Taylor Library.
Photo by Don Lipps - The Hub Food Park in Old Town Mankato

Taste of Outdoors – The Hub Food Park

What is it about outdoor dining that we love so much? Whether a picnic in a park or a patio table at a restaurant,...
Wood shavings

The Making of a Creative Space – Mankato Makerspace

Since its launch in 2017 the Mankato Makerspace has been growing steadily as it fill s a special need for makers of all kinds.
Submitted Photo - Williams Nature Center - Overlook near Minneopa Creek

Refuge in the Valley – Williams Nature Center

The Williams Nature center offers ADA accessible trails, old forest, abundant wildlife and spectacular views of the Minnesota River Valley
Photo by Grace Brandt - Ceramic work by Michell Kaisersatt

The Art of Letting Go – Ceramicist Michelle Kaisersatt

Michelle Kaisersatt has seen more than her share of loss. Perhaps that's part of why she's empowered to help people grieve their loses through her art.
Kayak on the water

Welcome on the River – Bent River Outfitter

With so many rivers in the Greater Mankato Area, Bent River Outfitter, who can put you on the water is a tremendous community asset
Wine glasses

Digital Drinking With the Blue Earth County Historical Society – A Virtual Pub Crawl

For people looking to learn a bit more about Blue Earth County’s history—while enjoying good drinks with good friends—the Blue Earth County Historical Society has just the ticket: its upcoming Virtual Pub Crawl, scheduled for June 11.
Violin on a black background

The Family That Plays Together – Steve and Katharine Davis

Father and daughter, Steve and Katherine Davis, enjoy the rare experience of playing together in the Mankato Symphony Orchestra