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These are the Greater Mankato Area featured stories that appear at the top of the site’s homepage.

Photo by Don Lipps - Assorted tea cups at Curiosi-Tea House, North Mankato

Teatime – Curiosi-Tea in North Mankato

Curiosi-Tea in North Mankato offers hundreds of varieties of tea and are glad to and are welcoming to tea afficianados and novices alike.
Photo by Rick Pepper - Aerial view of the in-progress Silo Art Project by Australian artist, Guido van Helten on the Ardent Mill grain silos at the gateway of Old Town, Mankato.

A Work in Progress – Silo Art Project Photo Album

The Silo Art Project, an endeavor by CityArt, is in full swing. Australian artist Guido van Helten is making fast progress using the Ardent Mills silos as a vast canvas.
Photo Courtesy of Singing Hills Chorus - Official concert photo

Singing to Remember – The Singing Hills Chorus

The Singing Hills Chorus was founded with a special mission—to be a place where people living with Alzheimer’s or other dementias can fellowship in a singing-based community.
Thanksgiving Grace

The Local Stir – Cherishing Holiday Memories

The leaves are changing, the air is getting colder. All signs point to winter. And with that comes, among other things besides snow, holidays.
Photo courtesy of Drive A Tank - FV433 Abbot driving through the mud

An Unforgettable Ride – Drive A Tank

Tony Borglum's Kasota business, Drive A Tank offers a one-of-a-kind experience for those looking for something out of the ordinary.
Yaeger School House, ca. 1900 (Photograph courtesy Cindy Slater).

Mystery of the Yaeger Schoolhouse Ghost

In 1897 the Yeager Schoolhouse just outside of Rapidan had a real mystery on its hands. Could it be a ghost?
Photo by Don Lipps - Snowmakers at Mount Kato stand ready to be put into service once the weather is right.

Snow Job – The Second Question

In this week's Snow Job, John Sandberg reveals the deeply held secrets of all ski resorts about when they can start making snow.
Roasted Chicken

The Local Stir – The Great Chicken Crusade

That Friday started like any other day. We had no idea that 108 cases translated into 6000 pounds of raw, full birds!
Unknown Caller

Snow Job – An Evening’s Entertainment

My totally unscientific, non-verified research tells me most people tend to not answer the phone when the caller is not known to the called. I'm the opposite. Unknown caller? Of course, I am answering! Private number? Yes, please.
Photo by Don Lipps - Lifts at Mt. Kato - Mankato, MN

Snow Job – What Do You Do All Summer?

John Sandberg begins his new column, Snow Job! From week to week, he'll bring you insights into winter sports in the Greater Mankato Area