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These are the Greater Mankato Area featured stories that appear at the top of the site’s homepage.

Bee on Flower

Weekend High Notes: Acknowledge the Miracle

Acknowledge the miracle of our planet. This weekend, Molly states the importance of our ecological behaviors while lightening the mood with some fun weekend activities recommendations.
Chopping Firewood

Weekend High Notes: Warmed Twice

This weekend, Molly tells us to chop our own wood, find meaning in our work, and get involved in the community with some fun activities.
Eggs hatching

Weekend High Notes: Breaking Stuff

This holiday weekend, spend time with family, finds candy-filled eggs, and have fun in the community with some Molly-approved activities!
Bare Ground

Weekend High Notes: Okay with Emptiness

This weekend, pride yourself in doing nothing or get involved with some fun-filled, Molly-approved activities!
April Fools Shoes

Weekend High Notes: Fools

Sometimes, it's okay to be a fool. Spend this April Fool's weekend having fun with some Molly-approved activities.
Crystal Ball

Weekend High Notes: The Crystal Ball

Stop trying to predict the future and live in the now with some fun-filled, Molly-recommended weekend activities.

Weekend High Notes: Damming up Despair

Combat negativity and generate some joy by getting out in the community at the hand of Molly's recommended, fun-filled weekend activities.

Weekend High Notes: Back to Basics

Spring is in the air! With Molly's recommendations, get outside and have some fun.
Melting Snowman

Weekend High Notes: Thaw

This week, Molly encourages us to embrace the mess and get out in the community for some fun weekend activities.
Snow drifts

Author Cindy Wilson Headlines the Cabin Fever Edition of the Deep Valley Book Festival

The 2022 Deep Valley Book Festival Cabin Fever Edition is on for March 5 with The Beautiful Snow author, Cindy Wilson as the headline speaker.