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Your Greater Mankato Area friends and neighbors are sharing their expertise in these columns on MankatoLIFE!

Hands releasing Dove

Weekend High Notes: The Good Soldier

This week, Molly shares her hopes for peace and, of course, recommends some weekend activities.
Hammock at Beach

Weekend High Notes: Should, Could, and Just Don’t

This weekend, take a moment to do nothing, and then check out some Molly-approved, fun-filled activities!
Holding Hands

Weekend High Notes: Valentines

This weekend, open your heart up to more than love and check out some fun, Molly-approved activities!
Snowy road

Weekend High Notes: Beauty Still Left

This week, Molly finds the beauty in the cold weather and recommends some fun weekend activities to warm our souls.
Touching Hands

Weekend High Notes: Know Your “No”

Saying no is just as powerful as saying yes. This week, Molly shares the importance of saying no, and of course, recommends some fun weekend activities!
Fireplace and mugs

Weekend High Notes: Warmth

This weekend, make sure to stay warm and check out the fun-filled, Molly-approved activities!
Birthday Cake

Weekend High Notes: My Mother

This week, Molly celebrates her mom and encourages us to partake in some fun weekend activities.

Weekend High Notes: Use It or Lose It

This week, Molly helps us part with our clutter and recommends some fun weekend activities!
Sunrise Over Ocean

Weekend High Notes: The Last Year

New year, new mindset. This week, Molly encourages us to make the best out of the new year and pursue our dreams we've set on the shelf.
Christmas candle

Weekend High Notes: Merry Christmas

Happy holidays from MankatoLIFE! To celebrate, check out a few festive Molly-approved weekend activities.