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Your Greater Mankato Area friends and neighbors are sharing their expertise in these columns on MankatoLIFE!

Giving a heart

Weekend High Notes: A Love Ethic

Give freely and with love. With Molly's help, we can do just that with her recommended holiday weekend activities.

Weekend High Notes: Wish Upon a Star(fish)

It's the season of miracles, and to celebrate, Molly recommends some fun weekend activities!
White Lights

Weekend High Notes: Lighten Up

To help us lighten up, Molly recommends some fun-filled weekend activities!
Thanksgiving Hands

Weekend High Notes: Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Give thanks, spread the spirit of giving, or have some weekend fun with a few Molly-approved activities!
Fall Harvest Lights

Weekend High Notes: Get in the Spirit

It's time to get in the holiday spirit, so this week, Molly recommends some festive activities!
Rainy fall window and tea

Weekend High Notes: Sick Day

Check out some fun-filled, Molly-approved weekend activities!
Human Chain Paper

Weekend High Notes: No Bad Guys

This week, Molly encourages us to unify as a community and nation, and of course, recommends a few fun weekend activities.
Hands journaling

Weekend High Notes: Trick-and-Treat

This week, Molly helps us find balance in our lives and, of course, recommends some fun weekend activities.
Halloween - Mankato, MN

Weekend High Notes: Into the Grey

Be brave and rise to the challenge of true contentment and joy. Maybe a few fun Molly-recommended activities can help you in the process!
Autumn Leaves

Weekend High Notes: Leaves

Fall is a time of transformation, and this week, Molly helps us ease the process. She also recommends some fun weekend activities!