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Your Greater Mankato Area friends and neighbors are sharing their expertise in these columns on MankatoLIFE!

Young girl walking by wall with graffiti in New York

Weekend High Notes: Worthy of Art

Be the artist you were meant to be. This week, Molly tells us the importance of embracing inner creativity and recommends some fun weekend activities.
Rustic Country Road

Weekend High Notes: The Traveler

Let's step away from the known and open our eyes to the strange and interesting. With Molly's recommendations, we can do just that by going out and participating in some fun weekend activities.
Rainbow with meadow.

Weekend High Notes: The Legendary Lucy Jane

This week, Molly shares a few words about a beloved furry friend and recommends some fun weekend activities.
Yoga - Mankato, MN

Weekend High Notes: Releasing Routine

This week, Molly tells us the importance of releasing routines, and of course, recommends some fun weekend activities.
Family Photos

Weekend High Notes: It’s Just Stuff

It's just stuff. This weekend, release some excess stuff and have fun with a few Molly-approved activities.
Sharing food

Weekend High Notes: Bonobos & Bananas

Choose to share your abundance, and with Molly's recommendations, share in the joy of some fun weekend activities.
Surfer in wave wipes out and falls off surf board.

Weekend High Notes: Fail Better

This weekend, remember to try, fail better, and have fun with some Molly-approved activities!
Kayak on water

Weekend High Notes: Water

The journey to recovery is overwhelming, and this week, Molly encourages us to find the strength to heal within ourselves and with the help of a few weekend activities.
Broken Heart

Weekend High Notes: A Fearful Thing to Love What Death Can Touch

After a tough week, Molly explains why fear shouldn't keep us from living a full life.
Photo by Lisa Lardy - Detail from Shells

Artist of the Month: Lisa Lardy

As the artist of the month, Lisa Lardy takes us through her artistic journey that seems to have no bounds.