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Bright green good luck four leaf clover.

Weekend High Notes: Feeling Lucky

In this week's Weekend High Notes, Molly encourages us to make our own luck and take advantage of some of the great things happening in the area.
Military memory box of the author's son, David Lipps

Our Place: An Experience That Can Benefit Anyone!

MankatoLIFE publisher Don Lipps reflects on his time in the Air Force while remembering the other men and women who served on this Veterans Day.
Symbols of the U.S. Marine Corps

Our Place: Happy 245th Birthday to the United States Marine Corps

On the Marine Corps' 245th birthday, Marine daughter and sister Grace Brandt shares her thoughts on--and gratitude for--the United States Marines.
Mother and baby

The Amateur Motherhood Hour: Feeding Frenzy

Katie Roiger talks about the challenges of breastfeeding for a first-time mom.

Weekend High Notes: Only Human

By Molly Butler Instead of watching the election results start to roll in, on Tuesday night my mom and I split some wine and watched...
Wild Iris

Green Earth – Saving Shores

In Molly's latest Green Earth column, she digs into the importance of saving our shores.
Photo by Joonas Kääriäinen from Pexels

Weekend High Notes: Facing Fears

In this week's Weekend High Notes, Molly encourages us to celebrate the scary side of life.
Photo by Mike Lagerquist - Closeup of Fred Kron monument.

ARTchitecture – Mankato’s Calvary Cemetery Chronicles the Town’s Growth

Mankato's Calvary Cemetery has a history that extends back 130 years and the space to continue serving Mankato for at least another 150 more.
Hands reaching for a connection

Weekend High Notes: Make a Connection

In this week's Weekend High Notes, Molly helps us all to find a new way to make a connection.
Cat and Catnip

Weekend High Notes: Uncertainty and Silliness

In this week's Weekend High Notes, Molly Butler shares ways to add a little silliness into your weekend.