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Weekend High Notes: Super Weekend

Super bowl weekend and a lot of great events - many of them not virtual! Molly talks about living mindfully whether we're at a cash register or fulfilling a lifelong dream
Fitness woman runner athlete running at road, working out cardio

Weekend High Notes: Change is a Skill

In addition to the usual great recommendations for your weekend, Molly talks about kindly motivating yourself in your efforts to change.
Saddle with stirrups on a back of a stallion.

Weekend High Notes: Back in the Saddle

This week, Molly suggests we dust off an old hobby, passion, or interest and get back in the saddle - in addition to her regular great recommendations for your weekend, of course.
Photo and art by Brittany Wegener - Scorpio natal light charm

Artist of the Month: Brittney Wegener

Brittany Wegener is a mixed media artist creating three-dimensional art and who has used her art for personal growth. You can see her craft on display in January at The Fillin' Station.
Woman and dog - Rest

Weekend High Notes: Rest

Sometimes we just hit a wall and need to rest. Weekend High Notes author, Molly, is no different. Except, perhaps that she has a knack for turning it into something helpful for all of us.
The highest form of wisdom is kindness

Weekend High Notes: In Search of Some Needed Nuance

There seems to be a growing trend in the air to categorize everything as black and white. In addition to her usual great recommendations, Molly offers some suggestions for free thinking.
Flower blooming in hard circumstances

Weekend High Notes: A New Year

By Molly Butler I hope everyone had safe and happy holidays. We made some lovely memories, even though we gathered virtually. 2020 was a challenging year...
Mean online comments

Changing the Narrative: Rethink, Revise, and Retool Online Comments

Online comments can get mean fast. Robb Murray speaks up and challenges us to think about what can be different.
Hot cocoa

Weekend High Notes: Be Sweet

Lots of holiday stuff going on and Molly has recommendations while reminding us to be sweet.
Giving and receiving gift

Weekend High Notes: Give and Receive

In this week's column, Molly reminds us that it's just as important to receive as it is to give.