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Grapes and grape vines

Weekend High Notes – Laughing at the End of Summer

As we face the tail end of summer, Molly suggests the best way to keep perspective is to keep laughing - along with sharing suggestions for your weekend, of course!
Kintsugi - The Japanese art of repairing broken things with gold

Weekend High Notes – Celebrating Flaws

Molly talks about resisting perfectionism and the beauty of flaws
Painting wall

Weekend High Notes – Give and Take

Molly reminds us that all of life is about give and take
Photo by Rick Pepper - Aerial view of the in-progress Silo Art Project by Australian artist, Guido van Helten on the Ardent Mill grain silos at the gateway of Old Town, Mankato.

Arts in Mankato – “It’s Our Time, It’s What We’re Trying to Say.”

In the new column, Arts in Mankato, Mike Lagerquist offers some background to what seems like a recent emphasis on the arts

Weekend High Notes – No Place Like Home

Molly shares some ideas for your weekend that reinforce the value of home.
Submitted Photo - The cast members of Mankato Playhouse's rendition of Forever Plaid

Reviews – Plaid Tidings From the Mankato Playhouse

MankatoLIFE writer, Grace Brandt, offers a review of the Mankato Playhouse rendition of Forever Plaid
Board Game

Weekend High Notes – Keep On Playing

Especially when times are tough, it's especially important to keep on playing!

Weekend High Notes – Something New

Feeling stuck in the same old routine? Molly Butler has some ideas to shake up your summer!
Farmers Market Produce

Weekend High Notes – Nothing Wasted

This week, Molly Butler has some ideas for taking back summer from the threat of being wasted

Weekend High Notes – Looking for the Bright Side

We usually find what we're looking for!