Quite the community

About the Mankato area, Odegard had this to say, “We’ve been here for over a decade and I love Mankato for so many reasons. Having a family, there are so many wonderful parks. There are getting to be more and more opportunities for entertainment, for music, and kid’s activities in the summer.

“We’ve always felt at home here. It’s such a great community. We love being part of it.

“And now, as a business owner, we are experiencing so much support from other businesses,” she said. “Every day I have people who come in and say, ‘I was sent over by Whimsy and Weathered,’ or the ‘Coffee Hag said there’s a new store you should check out!’ Our next-door neighbors, Gallery 512, send customers over all the time.

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“Being wrapped in the embrace of this growing Old Town community has been just wonderful!”

Most importantly

“We only get one life here. I want to make sure that I’m living my passion and that my employees can live their passion,” Odegard said. “We also care deeply that the result of what we’re doing is helping other people. Hopefully the children we sponsor through Compassion International will grow up to be able to follow their passion as well.”

Bumbelou’s products are available in their retail shop in Mankato as well as on their website.

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