Photo by Molly Butler - Bobby Meatloaf and Beans
Photo by Molly Butler - Bobby Meatloaf and Beans

[Featured Photo by Molly Butler – Bobby Meatloaf and Beans]

By Molly Butler

Last weekend, our dog Jolene found a kitten hiding in our garage. He was thin and his ears were full of gunk, but he was friendly the moment we shared some of our cat’s wet food with him. He was only about five weeks old and clearly not doing well out on his own, so we set him up in a crate, named him Bobby Meatloaf and prepared to do the same routine we had when we found Ricky on the road almost a year ago.

Well, I had just called the vet to set up Meatloaf’s checkup and was out with Jolene for a Monday morning walk when we heard an unmistakable meow in the ditch. Sure enough, another kitten wriggled out onto the road. Jolene was thrilled. I carried Beans home in my sweatshirt and got her in for a 2-for-1 at the vet. Both kittens were quite malnourished and wormy but are on the road to wellness.

It sure is exciting to have another twice-as-nice helping of cuteness around the house. Jolene had only been in our house three days before we found Ricky. Apparently, we attract double the trouble. Although it can be a bit chaotic and distracting (writing this article has been paused a couple times to address some very high-pitched demands from Beans), it’s good to know they’ll be safe and warm when the temperature drops. I’m hoping the rest of the litter is somewhere safe… We’ll be keeping an eye out.

Inspired by two kittens, this weekend I’m sharing everything twice as nice.


Friday is the last day to join in, so if you haven’t already, get in on the North Mankato Taylor Library and CuriosiTea’s dual offer: the virtual Library Food Club Tea 101 class and Lil’s Chef’s Food Club. You and the kids can both sample something delicious and follow the virtual class on the Facebook event page.

Treats for you and the furry ones! Swing by Fleet Farm this weekend for your pet essentials (I’ve got a long list now) and grab a bite at the Fair Food Frenzy from 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Solem Concessions will be parked outside all weekend with all varieties of cheese curds: cajun, garlic, ranch–all so delicious! Save some room and stop by LocAle Brewing Company from 5-7 p.m. and get dinner from the Massad’s food truck. Enjoy their Mediterranean menu. Personally, I can’t say no to a Shawarma. Pair your dinner with LocAle’s Harvest brew, made from Minnesota-grown Chinook hops. Growlers and crowlers are also available so you can enjoy at home.


There’s two ways to fit in fitness this Saturday. The bold can check out Fit Together Boot Camp from 9:30-10:30 a.m. at Sibley Park. Lead by two U.S. military veterans with professional fitness certifications, this class will include variations for all fitness levels. Just bring water and a yoga mat or towel. For the more tranquil trekkers, join the Mankato Mindful Triathlon by the YMCA. Complete a virtual 5k at your own pace, then meet at the upper parking lot for a 50-min BODYFLOW class at 9:30 a.m. This class combines yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates and will be followed by a 10-min guided meditation. After Goat Yoga last weekend, I think I’m on a yogi roll, so I’ll probably be checking out the latter!

What’s better than one brew? Two! There’s time enough to check out the 1st Annual Oktoberfest at Lost Sanity Brewing from 1-6 p.m. And swing on by the Mankato Brewery Tour from 3-4 p.m. Lost Sanity’s Oktoberfest will have live music, food from the grill and, of course, beer. Mankato Brewery has a cold one waiting for you after a tour of the brewery.

The Red Men Club in St. Peter will be hosting a Reversible Scarecrow/Snowman craft night. From 6-9 p.m. this workshop will help participants create their own snowman/scarecrow décor, a literal 2-in-1 that’s perfect for the front steps.


Don’t just enjoy the show; play along! The State Street Theatre in New Ulm will perform Sherlock Holmes at 2 p.m., and the Mankato Playhouse will hold auditions for Godspell Jr at 5 p.m. for 6th-12th graders.

Stop by your favorite pumpkin patch like Pumpkin Junction by Blue Sky Farms or Valley Veggies to grab your gourds. I recommend two pumpkins: one to carve, and one to eat!

Bonus: Double Dipping

One of the easiest ways to save money and be kind to the environment is to use what you already have. There are so many household items that have multiple uses. Baking soda can help clean everything from hair to stinky air. Walnuts are a healthy snack and work as magic erasers on scratched wood furniture. Toothbrushes and mascara applicators are both great for grooming or cleaning detailed spaces. I like to clean out my pasta sauce jars and tin cans as they’re simple, minimalist storage pieces. And it turns out, in a pinch, a good old drip pan will work as a makeshift litter box for some kittens. So, before you buy new, try getting creative with what you already have.


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