Cheryl Hamond seemed excited among the myriad antiques and used items as she prepared for the May opening of Pond Road Market.

“I had this crazy idea about flipping furniture to raise money to help people in different circumstances,” Hamond said. “Because of this side-business, reLove, I’ve been able to help some people I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

Cheryl Hamond at Pond Road Market
Cheryl Hamond of Mankato stands among her many offerings at Pond Road Market which is open this weekend.

Hamond, a Mankato resident, searches high and low for furniture available for free or cheap, does some fixing, and offers the items for sale. “I find unique pieces that I enjoy,” she reflected. “I often look back and say, ‘Oh, I remember this. Or my Mom had one of those.'” Then it’s just a matter of finding the right people to match up with her restored treasures.

“I got into the Mankato Vintage Market down on Riverfront in the old Bobber Shop. That went really well,” Hamond said. Then I had the opportunity to come to Pond Road Market last month and it’s been a really great fit for me. I have a few antique pieces a few market goods. I sell my paint back there. It’s just been a really great fit.”

Pond Road Market is “a really fun place because there are a lot of really unique things you’re not going to find anywhere else.”

Signs among Cheryl Hamond’s offerings at Pond Road

Pond Road Market is the long-time dream of Ron and Terry Saye of North Mankato. The store, a vendor-based consignment shop, was originally on Butterworth Street near Hiniker Pond but the name stuck when they moved south of Mankato on Highway 22. About the Market, Hamond said, “There are a number of different vendors. It’s a really fun place because there are a lot of really unique things you’re not going to find anywhere else.”

Pond Road opens once a month for four days, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, usually the third weekend of every month.

Pond Road will also host their first Flea Market of the year, this Saturday, May 19th. The plan is to run the flea market on the Saturdays they are open when the weather is decent. Ten to fifteen vendors are expected for the flea market in addition to the vendors with a dedicated space in the shop.

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