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Farm, Food & Drink

Chankaska Creek Ranch & Winery - Kasota, MN

Chankaska Creek Ranch & Winery

Chankaska Winery offers wine grown from their own grapes as well as their own distilled spirits.
Heart And Soil Community Garden - Mankato, MN

Heart and Soil Community Garden

Heart and Soil is a festive community garden in Mankato offering garden plots to the public.
Indian Island Winery - Janesville, MN

Indian Island Winery

Indian Island Winery, located south of Janesville in the middle of Minnesota farm country, is a relaxing destination complete with live music and a full menu on the weekend.
Javens Winery - Mankato, MN

Javens Family Vineyard & Winery

Javens Family Vineyard and Winery, located just east of Mankato, offers wines from locally grown, cold-hearty grapes.
The Hub Food Park

The Hub Food Park

One of Mankato's newest attractions, The Hub Food Park serves lunch from local food trucks.
Welsh Heritage Farm

Welsh Heritage Farms

A locally owned apple orchard that also has locally-made pies and cheese.