North Mankato Farmers' Market 2018

So maybe Monday, June 11th, wasn’t the ideal day for the opening of the 2018 North Mankato Farmers’ Market. Officially, the event was cancelled because of stormy weather. Even so, a few brave souls were at the site selling their goods.

Everyone was friendly and very welcoming. One vendor was quick to point out that Courtney Kietzer, another of the sellers who wouldn’t be driven away by the rain, was not only one of the organizers but a founder. “My friend from church, Kim Henrickson and I started it three years ago,” Kietzer explained.

2018 North Mankato Farmers Market Flyer
2018 North Mankato Farmers Market Flyer

“The turnout’s always pretty good,” said Kietzer. “We cancelled the initial opening today but some of the vendors from out of town showed so we decided to have a soft opening.”

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When asked how many vendors typically show on a usual day, she offered, “This year we have about 30 registered. Each year we have more and more.”

Donna Behnke is a third year attendee. “The stuff in our garden isn’t quite ready so I like to come up here and get radishes, but for some reason, I ended up with everything but!” she exclaimed.

What’s the best thing about the market? “The variety,” Behnke said simply. “I like the the people too. They are always really nice and friendly. The products are fresh, you can’t get them any fresher!”

What’s the best thing about the market? “The variety!”

Starting its third season, the North Mankato Farmers’ Market offers fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables, baked and canned goods, as well as handmade products. The Market, hosted by Messiah Lutheran Church, 1706 Lee Boulevard in North Mankato, is open every Monday from 3:30 to 6:30 pm.

For more information or to become a vendor, contact Kim Henrickson at (507) 340-6984 or email

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