Vintage sweaters
Vintage sweaters

Reuse, re-purpose, recycle is the theme of Vagabond Village’s fundraiser, along with a healthy dose of community spirit. Over 40 boxes of secondhand and vintage clothes will be on display in the Village’s parking lot on Sunday, August 2nd, from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Area Girl Scouts will help organize sales of the clothing and take goodwill donations for the avocado and tomato plants that will also be on sale. All proceeds will benefit the Grace Thrift Store in Lake Crystal, MN, to help with operating expenses during the COVID pandemic.

“We really need them to be supported,” said Vagabond Village’s owner Natalie Pierson regarding Grace Thrift Store. “They work so hard and so much is given back to the community.” The sale is also meant to lend a friendly hand to Southern Minnesota residents who have also been affected by the uncertain economy.

“My goal is to help people out, especially during the pandemic,” Pierson continued. “If they’re in need of clothing, they will find it for fairly cheap – two dollars a pound!”

The Girl Scouts are using the fundraiser as their final project for their summer volunteering requirements. Each girl has donated 20 hours of her time to assist in sorting and handling donations and preparing for the event. Pierson expressed pride in their hard work and gratitude for their willingness to volunteer.

“The girls were able to come to an organization to learn how everything works, as well as build their confidence and see what they’re actually capable of,” Pierson said. “It’s important for the community to show up and let the girls know that they are appreciative of their dedication and supportive of their mission.”

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