Goodbye Summer
Goodbye Summer

Weekend Spin No. 38

It is the 38th week of the year. I have decided to start labeling these posts by week number. At least that’s the plan at the moment but let’s be honest, I may forget the plan come next week.

I’m back! It’s been a moment! It happened, my second child, Frieda Rain, entered the world on August 13th and she is as precious and beautiful as they come!

I wish I could say my family has been taking this special time slow and easy, but to be honest, life with a two, eight, and eleven year old, not to mention the 6 month old puppy doesn’t lend to itself to “take it easy.” Even so, I try my best to maintain that mentality. The key word, of course, is try! The other day I had intentions of listening to “Take it Easy” by The Eagles but for some reason ended up asking Alexa to play, “I’m in a Hurry” by Alabama. This is a true story.

And now, let The Weekend Spin resume!

I’m back! It’s been a moment! It happened, my second child, Frieda Rain, entered the world on August 13th and she is as precious and beautiful as they come!

Friday: Starving Artists Under the Bridge

Friday, starting at 7 pm, you can attend a wildly creative event hosted by Twin Rivers Council for the Arts called Starving Artists Under the Bridge.”

This event is literally taking place under the Veterans Memorial Bridge between Downtown and Old Town, Mankato. I am super stoked for this event because, for one, it is my first gig back after having Baby Frieda. Also, on the same day I’m releasing a new single called Teenage Moods which I will be performing live! Besides the shameless self promotion, I’m really excited by all the artistic movement and support happening in one night in one place. What an excellent way to recharge your artistic spirit!

Here are a few highlights I’m looking forward to. Seeing Beige Interior as I have yet to see them live. Meeting the silo artist Guido van Helten — he paints silos, that’s a crazy amount of surface to cover! Witnessing Aerial Affinity being attached to the underside of the bridge for their performance — woah! Also, being entertained by host Esther Marcella! Oh and I heard rumor of “body painting” so, I plan to seek that one out a bit prior to my set. This is just naming a few, check out the entire lineup and be sure to hit the link to learn more about the auction as well as the awesome food and beverage provided.

2019 Starving Artists includes

The evening will be hosted by performance artist & local personality Esther Marcella. Tony Frentz, this year’s “Emy Award” recipient, an outstanding supporter of the arts in Greater Mankato will also be honored.


  • $75 VIP includes:
  • $50 General Admission
  • $25 TRCA Affiliate

For more Info about the event and to purchase tickets:


Saturday is Bent River’s first annual “Pints and Paddles.” Here’s the official event description.

“Join us on Saturday, September 21st for an exclusive event that will offer the opportunity to sample some of our state’s most delicious craft beers, all while paddling down the beautiful Blue Earth River. Pints and Paddles is a 21+ event, and only 60 tickets will be available, so be sure to reserve your spot ASAP! To purchase tickets or learn more about the event, call us at (507)-388-BENT (2368)”

  • General Admission: $25
  • General Admission + Rental: $50

Turns out Pints and Paddles will be my second gig back as I’ll be on the pontoon boat, strumming my 6 string with friends Tyler, Dain & Deborah also known as The Bashful Catfish. Rolling down the river, playing and listening to live music and drinking the finest beers this state has to offer seems like a fitting way to close summer and welcome fall.

And then there’s MoonFest Saturday Night in Kasota! Check out this lineup:



Sunday, seems like football day around my household, however I suggest hiking or biking one of our fine parks while the sun still shines! The NaKato always offers excellent food and a rewarding beverage of choice afterwards. Be sure to check their website as their food special is always changing.

To Keep on Your Radar

Songshare, a new series curated by Laura Shultz & Colin Sharf is described as “An Evening of Songs and Their Stories with Local Songwriters.” Songshare will take place at the Arts Center of Saint Peter normally once a month on a Thursday night. Ian Hilmer was the first songwriter on Sept 19th, Nate LaBoutillier is on the second show, Thursday, November 21.

And finally, visit The Hub Food Park Tuesdays-Fridays. Trucks vary week-to-week so check out their listings. On Thursday nights, you get the double benefit of the Mankato Farmers Market their too!

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