Apple Harvest - Mankato, MN
Apple Harvest - Mankato, MN

Weekend Spin No. 40

Pistachio green, tiger orange, extroverted pink, vanilla custard, and shades of purple could all be flavors of ice cream but actually this is the list of the five biggest colors in fashion this Fall 2019!

Now that I’m no longer waddling in stretchy maternity material, I am looking to “treat yo’self” to a few key pieces for this fall season. I have been looking to get my hands on a full length, long sleeve, wide maxi dress and plan on checking out Old Town boutiques for a few other key items I’ve been thinking about.

Here are some opportunities for wearing fun fall colors this weekend for you to consider.


10 am Saturday at the Eagles Club there is a vinyl sale going on.

I would then consider stopping over at Vagabond Village afterwards to explore one of a kind pieces to add to the wardrobe. Jackets are always fun to try on or looking through their vintage collection.

Party on the Prairie is going on at Benson Park North Mankato Saturday afternoon. This Fall Festival has a full lineup for an afternoon of entertainment starting at 2pm and lasting until 7 pm.

  • Nate Boots at 2pm
  • Captain Gravitone & the String Theory Orchestra 2:45-4 pm
  • The Divers 4:15-5:30 pm
  • Dan White & Eric Zimmerman at 5:45-7 pm

I’m always looking for some activity that will wear my kid out for a long nap, so the festival offers a corn pit, scarecrow walk, face painting, bounce house, hayrides, fall food, drinks and food trucks all ages and all for free! I think I’m feeling tiger orange or potentially extroverted pink for this event.


Sunday is of course a football day again, so I’ll probably entertain myself by wearing various shades of purple, watching half of the game and then taking a cruise to a local apple orchard or pumpkin patch. Those are my intentions anyway. There’s always a chance of a long nap (if the baby’s napping) or I may consider a Sunday cruise if the weather isn’t the fairest, see what the buffalo are up to, and listen to the song Buffalo by Frankie Lee.


The Makerspace has their monthly open house going on. Here’s what they have to say, “Join us 3:00 – 8:00 pm every second Tuesday of the month for our monthly open house! Come tour the shops, listen to the jam session, hang out by the bonfire, eat whatever we throw on the grill, and just relax! Live demonstrations or free open studios (to be determined each month) will be available 6- 8 pm as well. Check back at the event page for the monthly open studio or demonstration. For anyone who’s ever wondered what the space is all about, Come join us on the second Tuesdays and see what we’re all about!” Maybe pistachio green?

On the Radar

The Hub Food Park’s season is coming to an end, so be sure to make it out before November. I was thinking how fun it would be to be asked on a date to go to the Hub for a noon lunch. Hint, hint! The Hub lends itself to a memorable atmosphere and opens the door to taking a walk after you eat to explore more of Old Town or maybe for an impromptu photo shoot!

  • Vagabond Village Community Day Oct 19
  • Old Town Trick or Treat Oct 26
  • Mankato Makerspace 2nd Annual Halloween Party Oct 26
  • Murder on Prom Night Nov 9