Escape Room - Mankato, MN
Escape Room - Mankato, MN

One of my first experiences hanging out with my future in-laws was at Old Town Escape.

Can you imagine being locked into a room with your boyfriend’s entire family and then trying to figure out how to get out by way of clues? Can you imagine how awkward the interaction of the newbie and the close-knit family was at first after only recently having met them?

To be honest, we didn’t get out…. But we had a blast!

To be honest, we didn’t get out. We left the room disheveled, papers everywhere, drawers pulled out and books off the the shelf. But we had a blast! Although I was a little bit nervous at hanging with the family, it turned out to be a hilarious and super-fun experience that I will never forget.

Old Town Escape has a three rooms. The Post Office for four to eight players, the Witch’s Kitchen for a larger group, and The Oracle’s Alley for a crowd of three. You’ve got to book a time and there’s info about that on their website.

I also suggest checking out Balmy Sunday Fundays at the Wine Cafe. Local band, Bee Balm Fields is playing every Sunday at the Wine Cafe for the month of November. Led by front-woman guitar playing, authentic-singer-songwriter, Laura Karels, the band is an original with influences from old-country, blues, and maybe a chiller version of Janis Joplin. If you haven’t heard them, Sundays in November is your opportunity!

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