Memorial Day Weekend Lake

I have a Memorial Day Weekend memory that, while it’s becoming more distant as time marches on, is still fresh in my mind.

It’s from around 1994 and I’m, as Britney Spears would say, “not a girl, not yet a woman,” wearing too much lilac perfume while rocking oversized No Fear t-shirts. I had just cut my bangs making my youthful, round face appear even more round. It’s a haircut I still rock 25 years later.

In the memory, my family took what we called our “Flower Power Boat” out on Sleepy Eye Lake. The boat was so named because my mother “surprised” my stepdad by taking our Johnson Alumacraft, purchased from her uncle — is there such a thing as collector boats? — and covered the entire thing with 1970s style stickers of flowers and quotes like, “Save the Whales.”

So, there we were, the sun was shining, it was beginning to feel a little bit more like Summer and I jumped into the freezing cold waters of Sleepy Eye Lake to go knee boarding for hours on end. What I recall most is getting out and having these super purple knobby knees but loving that school was almost out and summer was on its way. I believe the hit song at the time was Hanson, MmmBop — just to drive out that Britney song!

My daughter is already a little thrill seeker, so maybe they’re selling oversized No Fear t-shirts there too!

Weekend Fun!

Fast forward 25 years and I’m thinking I won’t be jumping into Sleepy Eye Lake this Memorial Weekend. However, now that my stomping grounds are around Mankato, there was talk of rolling down the Blue Earth River.

Bent River Outfitters is a great way to get on down the river and back to your car. They offer shuttles and if you want, a guide too! I was told the river is at prime stage, so probably worth looking into!

There is a new exhibition at the 410 Project opening this weekend. Creep Factor, by Maddie Fox. You can get some more info here.

Saturday relax at The Hag and enjoy music from local singer-songwriter Andrea Lyn. We worked up a set of covers and played at the Grand together a few weekends ago. She seriously has a voice of gold and is an excellent songwriter!

There’s super fun for the family at River Hills Mall. The Family Fun Shows carnival will be open through Memorial Day. My daughter is already a little thrill seeker, so maybe they’re selling oversized No Fear t-shirts there too!

We Will Not Forget

Of course, we need to remember what Memorial Day is about. I was given the opportunity to fly overseas and play for the troops on two separate occasions and both times it was an eye-opening experience. I know I wasn’t close to the real nitty gritty, but my short time spent overseas was enough for me to gain some serious perspective and gratitude.

We Will Not Forget.