Spring thaw - Mankato, MN
Spring thaw - Mankato, MN

We made it! Spring has arrived and winter is officially behind us. The Super Worm Moon came and went. It’s called the worm moon because it coincides with the time of year when earthworms begin to emerge from the thawing soils.

Of course, the rise in temperature has our rivers flooding fields, towns, and changing the lives and plans of many. My family has made several trips to the Rapidan Dam to check the water levels. We live on the Blue Earth River, so I also see the water levels rising day by day.

My thoughts and sympathy are with those who have lost their homes due to the floods. I cannot imagine!

Speaking of Sorrows

With just about every possible situation, conversation, quote, thought, or moment, a song usually comes to my mind. While writing about the floods this morning, this song, I Am A Man of Constant Sorrows, has been on my mind.

For those who enjoy a little history, “I Am A Man of Constant Sorrow,” was originally called “Farewell Song,” written by Dick Burnett, a partially blind fiddler from Kentucky around 1913. Made popular by The Stanley Brothers in the 1950’s, the song itself has a history of melodic and lyrical changes. For example, “Girl of Constant Sorrow,” by Joan Baez, “Maid of Constant Sorrow,” by Judy Collins, and “Sorrow,” by Peter Paul and Mary.

I found another very old version by Roscoe Holcomb.

Your Mankato Weekend!

There is something nostalgic about this time of year which gives me one idea for a weekend to-do. Jump in the car and take a long cruise on the gravel roads along the river bottom to check out the river levels! Back in the day, a good mix-tape would be the perfect accompaniment! Fast forward to today and my mom-van doesn’t even have a tape deck! But enjoying a drive like this with good company and music is better than ever before.

Speaking of nostalgia, Mankato Vintage Market is having a Pop-Up Sale from Thursday- Sunday. Always a fun way to change up the vibe of any space with just a few unique pieces! What I enjoy is I’ll never know what I’ll find! It’s like a treasure hunt.

By now, most Mankato folks have heard of Charlie Parr.

If you’re not most folks, Charlie Parr is a highly respected, country-blues musician who started his music career in the beautiful city of Duluth. He has released over 16 albums, as well as many compilations and singles. He has earned quite the following! So, I’m sure the Mankato Brewery will be packed when he plays Saturday night.

Lee Henke, formally of the Last Revel, has a new single out called Take Me to the Movies, and is opening the night at The Brewery at 7:30 pm.

Here’s a recent song and video by Charlie Parr called Dog.

Take a listen Take Me to the Movies by Lee Henke.

If you’ve been searching for original and unique jewelry, Baubles & Bobbies of North Mankato is having their Six Hour Studio Sale on Sunday from 11-4. It is their biggest sale of the year with up to 50% off and you can check it all out while enjoying apps and drinks! Constructing Wearable Art for Classy Birds, One Bauble At A Time.

Finally, just to keep you in the know, Erik Koskinen has extended his Wednesday residency at the NaKato for a few more Wednesdays into March. If the numerous snow storms kept you from seeing him in February, jump in row boat to see him in March!

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