Spring Crocus
Spring Crocus

This is our last weekend before daylight savings begins!

I have noticed that it’s still light out at 6 pm. Remember when it was dark by 5:15? Or was that 4:30? Or maybe it was just dark all day. Recently I looked at the clock at 7 pm and remembered that pretty soon this will feel early!

My friends, the days of dark and cold will soon be long behind us! Spring is right over the horizon!

Remember when it was dark by 5:15? Or was that 4:30? Or maybe it was just dark all day.


Our Friday night is right on the horizon. What to do?

The Coffee Hag is having ADULT Comedy Night from 7-9 pm. The word adult was in all caps, which I assume means there will be adult-only humor. I love a good adult laugh. If you’ve got to bring the children, potentially pack earmuffs.

It’s nice that Mankato has a wide spectrum of events to choose from. On the very same Friday night, you could also go check out the event called Calling the Power Within at the Hope Interfaith Center. Check out what their FB page says:

“Amy and Jinelle are back for their FOURTH time teaching their #cpw event! They have had success in helping so many people already breakthrough to healing, self-love, finding their purpose and finding their POWER! If you don’t know where to go next, if you are going through a difficult situation, are stuck, are depressed, have anxiety, are wanting to find your new tribe, make new connections and become the true superstar you truly are you NEED to attend this event!! Rise UP! Get motivated! Take action!”

Calling the Power Within would be wonderful for anyone who wants to dip their toe in the water before diving in the pool.

I’m all about this too! As they say, you’ve got to take care of you to take care of others. I recently started digging deeper into the “self” with the help of Melanie Williams — you need to know this human, she is amazing — so I can be a better human to my tribe. Note that Melanie is not associated with Calling the Power Within.


The Hag is also hosting Tarot for Tips on Sunday, which seems intriguing, or for some, potentially terrifying. I’m all about having someone read my cards but my husband is terrified of it. I just need to say that Tarot is not witchcraft. They’re not casting spells on you, like someone (eh-hem Hubby), may think.

Post Holiday Extravaganza

PHE XII – Call to Artists is an art raffle/silent auction raising funds for local art and music programs that runs from March 1st through April 17th. Last year they helped fun local art teachers, the 410 Project, the Mankato 77 Lancers Marching Band, and the Mankato Makerspace.

If you’d like to support this effort you can drop off artwork at Mecca Tattoo or Mankato Makerspace!


If daylight savings is on the horizon, can summer be far behind? Take a moment to visualize a sunny, warm weekend filled with live music.

Festival Solstice has revealed their lineup for this summer’s festival and it is a saweeet lineup of music including local, regional and national acts!

Tickets for the entire weekend plus tent camping are available at a discounted price of $40 until March 15th. Have you checked out the prices of other festivals? This is a seriously jaw-dropping price that doesn’t fall into the whole you get what you pay for vibe. Instead it falls into a I could never see even one of these bands for what I’m paying for an entire weekend for just $40 vibe.

Staying Warm, Staying Sane

I hope some of you got out to the NaKato to see Erik Koskinin one of these past Wednesdays. I went this week and the entire bar was a good hang.

As my darling mother says, ‘There’s so much to do right here in our own backyard!’

Finally, I’m following my own advice from last week’s column and getting out of town with my Mom and Sister. We are heading to check out Paisley Park, the Ice Sculptures, staying over in a hotel to spend some nice mother/daughter time and then traveling to Stillwater for the fun of it!

As my darling mother says, “There’s so much to do right here in our own backyard!”

Be well my friends.

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