One of my goals as I opened Kato Music Lessons was to make each performance opportunity unique for my students. I am thrilled that we were able to lineup the Summer Recital for the debut of a new Farmers Market launching at The Hub Food Park this Saturday morning, June 9th.

The Farmers Market begins at 8 am and Kato Music Lessons Recital will kick off at 11 am.

My students and those of fellow Kato Music teacher, Hanna Cesario, will be performing on  piano, ukulele, and voice. Each student has been diligently preparing for months. I am so excited that these budding musicians have a space like the Hub to perform for an actual crowd of people at the Farmers Market.

“The Farmers Market begins at 8 am and Kato Music Lessons Recital will kick off at 11 am.”

My first recital was in the 2nd grade. I was nowhere near prepared and a nervous wreck! I walked into a musty, poorly lit church basement. I sat in a cold folding chair and nervously rustled my sheet music. A dim fluorescent light flickered over my head. The teacher called my name. Dun, de, dun dun. I placed my hands in the wrong piano position and played the entire song in in the wrong key. Finished, I returned to the cold folding chair.

Good times! Saturday sunshine should offer a much lighter experience for our students!

Please consider coming out and supporting these kids, the Hub, and the new Farmers Market! Come early enough and you’ll see me pushing an extremely heavy piano down the alley!

Let’s go to the Hub!


  • Stacy K is a Singer-Songwriter, Musician, Mom, Adventure Seeker, Owner & Teacher at Kato Music Lessons |