Festival Solstice Mankato 2018
Festival Solstice Mankato 2018

NOTE FROM THE ORGANIZERS: We were flooded out of Land of Memories Park so we rode the wave into Old Town! Festival Solstice has figured out a way to go on as scheduled. Friday, Music: 6-10:30 pm. Hipster camping! Saturday, 11:30 am – 11:30 pm (11 great bands!) all at The Hub Food Park!

“Summer Solstice is the day of the longest sunlight; the moment when the sun reaches the furthest point from the equator and seems briefly static in the sky. One of the years two true turns.” –Robert Macfarlane.

The summer solstice is celebrated worldwide. People gather at Stonehenge to embrace that humans move and feel the cycles of nature.

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Festival Solstice Mankato 2018 Poster
Festival Solstice Mankato 2018 Poster

People honor the longest day of the year because it reminds us of each passing day and season. The sayings, “time flies” and “they sure do grow up fast” come to mind because next we start our journey to the shortest day. As a true Minnesotan, I feel this, because, you know, winter solstice! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Friday and Saturday night Festival Solstice in Mankato at Land of Memories will be celebrating not only the longest day of the year, but, the main thought that comes to mind… community!

I have a strong respect for people who create, have vision, and a drive to accomplish. 17 bands are playing Solstice and that is really remarkable! These musicians create sounds that evoke emotion and stir us within because, as songwriters, they have felt it first. It is these experiences that revive our souls, our perspective, our dancing feet, or maybe even offer just a little peace of mind. It is honest, real, and refreshing.

“It is these experiences that revive our souls, our perspective, our dancing feet, or maybe even offer just a little peace of mind. It is honest, real, and refreshing.”

Same goes for the food and beverage there. Everything is handcrafted. It started with a person’s idea and then that person made it for you and me to enjoy. This stuff is not from a vending machine. Craft vendors sing the same song but offer items we can have and hold a little longer.

If you want to get on the river, Paddle Jam is part of Festival Solstice too! Literally float on the river while a live band entertains you. This is really rare! Of all the times I’ve been down the river, zero times was there a live band playing on the river beside me.

Then there is the option to sleep under the stars and listen to the wind through the trees or hang out around a campfire and enjoy hearing stories from people’s lives, or enjoy a tall tale.

Summer Solstice in Mankato is about people. It’s about you and me. It’s about honoring the universe (and I’ll get real hippy on you here), it’s also about honoring the universe within.

Festival Solstice is a nonprofit event with proceeds going to The Children’s Museum. A collaborative team has been volunteering their time and talents with weekly meetings over the course of nine months to make this festival happen. I mean, that is the amount of time it takes to make a human… just saying.

To see the music schedule, buy tickets, camping information, or to volunteer (and get in for free!) go to FestivalSolstice.com.

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