Crazy Days July 2018 - Mankato, MN
Crazy Days July 2018 - Mankato, MN

Old Town’s Annual Crazy Days & Sidewalk Sale is happening Friday, July 20th, from 10 am to 6 pm, and Saturday, July 21st from 10 am through 4 pm.

I love that Old Town puts on Crazy Days! There’s something charmingly nostalgic about it that reminds me of summers gone by.

As a kid growing up in Sleepy Eye, Crazy Days was a count-down event. I would ride my banana seat bike to Main Street and meet my friends at Ben Franklin just to get my hands on some sewing materials. After Ben Franklin, I’d wander over to the dime store to look at all their Precious Moment figurines. After a while of “do not touch” and “if you break it you buy it,” I would eventually settle on purchasing my mom yet another ceramic bunny. Sorry Mom! She had quite the collection.

“It’s Now or Never at Crazy Days in Old Town, and if you have a Hound Dog, The Hub is dog friendly!”

The forecast says partly cloudy and 80 degrees, so I’m daydreaming about what kind of ice cream I’ll get from Mom and Pop’s before wandering the Old Town drag. Or maybe I’ll get one of those seriously loaded cupcakes from Freisen’s. OK, maybe I’ll do both!

Crazy Days!

I’m excited for a nice, summery, weekend without an agenda and browsing the stores participating in Crazy Days. Here’s the list:

Show Time at The Hub

Saturday evening at 7, The Hub is hosting quite the show. Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis Presley, “The King” LIVES! That’s right, the hunk of Burning Love is coming to shake his pelvis with his Blue Suede Shoes and I’m guessing he’ll get All Shook Up in his white diamond studded jumpsuit. With the amount of love my family had for The King of Rock N Roll, Elvis feels like a distant relative. My siblings and I were taken out of school for a road trip to Graceland and his Lisa Marie private jet. I bought a pen as a souvenir. Super-cool kid.

Beautiful classic cars and delicious food trucks will be rolling into The Hub. Can’t Help Falling in Love with your classic car? Drive it down for others to enjoy at no cost!

It’s Now or Never at Crazy Days in Old Town, and if you have a Hound Dog, The Hub is dog friendly!