Ice Rink - Mankato, MN
Ice Rink - Mankato, MN

After this week of mandatory (but welcomed) indoor time, getting back outside and moving the body is just what the doctor ordered. Talk about good timing! The Old Town Community Ice Rink at The Hub is opening on February 2nd and is free and available to the public!

What better way to welcome the new month, not to mention that we’re inching a little closer to spring? Dust off the old skates, lace ’em up, be sure to stretch a bit, and become magic on ice!

On their Facebook page, The Hub offered their thanks to the helpers and donors who made the rink possible.

Office Space Design led the design and creation of the rink. Mogwai Collaborative brought a team of people together to work on the idea. Bent River Outfitter was involved in handling some of the logistics.

Lloyd Lumber/Just Ask Rental donated the lumber for the project. The Hub’s neighbor, Minnesota Iron & Metal provided the metal. Minn’Ohana Brewing (formerly Midtown Tavern) will serve as the community warming house after their grand opening.

The City of Mankato helped push some snow! There’s a video on The Hub’s Facebook page to prove it.

I also heard that there is an igloo being made next to the ice rink!

What I love about this “pop-up ice-rink project” is that it seems to have unleashed the inner child of all who were involved. Tom Petty said, “Never slow down, never grow old,” and I like Tom Petty.

Speaking of music, starting on Wednesday, February 6, Erik Koskinen begins a weekly residency at the NaKato. This will be a great way to hasten the days until March! Just go see Koskinen four times in February, skate on the days in between and bam! It’ll be March!

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