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Lions Park - Mankato, MN

Lion’s Park

Lion's Park near Stadium Road in Mankato, offers a fishing pier, trails, a large green space, and a playground.
Land of Memories Park - Mankato, MN

Land of Memories Park

Land of Memories Park, located along the Minnesota River on the outskirts of Mankato, offers beautiful scenery including views of the river, green space and woodlands.
Lakeview Park - Janesville, MN

Lakeview Park

The pride of Janesville, Lakeview Park is nestled on the edge of Lake Elysian.
Memorial Park - St. Clair, MN

Memorial Park

Memorial Park in St. Clair boasts open green space, a playground with a climbing wall, pavilion, picnic shelter, basketball court, ball field, volleyball court, restrooms, a sliding hill in winter, and even a beautiful view!
Minnesota Square Park - St. Peter, MN

Minnesota Square Park

Established in 1954, Minnesota Square Park is at the very heart of St. Peter.
Photo by Rick Pepper - Minneopa Upper Falls

Minneopa State Park

Located 3 miles outside of Mankato, Minneopa State Park is home to Southern Minnesota's largest waterfall and much more.
North Shore Park - Madison Lake, MN

North Shore Park

North Shore Park in Madison Lake is a large space with lake access and a beach.
Northridge Park - North Mankato, MN

Northridge Park

Northridge Park is a large space in Upper North Mankato with many amenities.
Pleasant View Park - North Mankato, MN

Pleasant View Park

Pleasant View Park in North Mankato offers open space and a fun playground including a child-sized climbing wall.
Peacepipe Park - Mankato, MN

Peacepipe Park

Peacepipe Park is located in a residential area on the Mankato hilltop close to Walmart.