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Tourtellotte Park and Pool - Mankato, MN

Tourtellotte Pool and Park

An outdoor community swimming pool adjacent to a spacious city park.
Traverse des Sioux - St. Peter, MN

Traverse des Sioux Park

Managed by the Nicollet County Historical Society, Traverse Des Sioux Park, on the north side of St. Peter, was long a home of the Dakota People.
Veterans Memorial Park - St. Peter, MN

Veterans Memorial Park

Veterans Memorial Park is 14 acre space in the heart of St. Peter.

Watona Park & Campground

Watona Park in Madelia offers a variety of outdoor activities including flower gardens and artwork, fishing, canoeing, a variety of sports fields, and camping.
Wallyn Park - North Mankato, MN

Wallyn Park

On the corner of Wall and Lyndale Streets, this North Mankato park offers a walking trail, playground, and ball field.
Photo by Rick Pepper - Kids play on the banks during lower water, typically in the fall.

Wildwood County Park

A hidden gem, just north of St. Clair, Wildwood Park offers extensive access to the Le Sueur River.
Williams Nature Center - Mankato, MN

Williams Nature Center

Williams Nature Center, a 65 acre wooded park just a few miles southwest of Mankato offers 1.5 miles of paved trails including two scenic overlooks.
Wings Over White Oaks Park - Mankato, MN

Wings Over White Oaks Park

Wings Over White Oaks Park not far from Minnesota State University in Mankato offers a large green space, a handicapped accessible playground, and a gazebo.
Wheeler Park - North Mankato, MN

Wheeler Park

The oldest park in North Mankato, 12 1/2 acre Wheeler Park lies at the heart of the Lower North community.