Photo by Rick Pepper - Triple Falls above the Blue Earth River

Why A New Arts & Leisure Site? For The Love Of Mankato! Chief Cook & Bottle washer explains how being surprised by love for the region led to this new publication.
Snake Oil

One-Woman Show - Historical Reenactor Susan Hynes

You'll find Susan Hynes at all sorts of southern Minnesota events recreating all sorts of historically accurate characters.
Blacksmith forge

Takara Olson - Fire forged

Very few people know what they want to do at a young age. Takara Olson knew she wanted to be a blacksmith and that's exactly what she's doing.
Photo by Kyle Zeiszler - Dana Sikkila riding on Project Bike in Minneapolis

A Talk With 410 Project Director Dana Sikkila - What's Next For Project Bike?

Even though Dana Sikkila has peddled her last mile on Project Bike, Project Bike is far from over. Grace Brandt chats with Dana to discuss what's next including a full-length documentary and an exhibit at Minneapolis St. Paul Airport.
Asking for help!

The Local Stir - The Art of Accepting Help

Natasha Frost writes about the burden of trying to do everything yourself and the blessing of learning how to ask for help.
Ice on pond

Ice Cold History - The Era of the Ice Harvesting Industry

Ice harvesting was an important winter crop in southern Minnesota during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Julie Schrader offers insight into this key industry.

507 Business Life - 1 Million Cups

In her column 507 Business Life, Julie Fredrickson explores new perspectives on the Greater Mankato business community with a focus on the very small percentage of folks who take the leap to become entrepreneurs. This inaugural column introduces 1 Million Cups.
Submitted Photo - Lonesome Ron Affolter

Lonesome Ron - The King of the Valley Yodelers

Lonesome Ron Affolter, The King of the Valley Yodelers, is at the center of a large number of history and old west driven events. In the unlikely event that you haven't met him, Grace Brandt provides an introduction.
Photo by Mike Lagerquist - Security Apartments in Mankato. View from intersection of S Broad and E Hickory Streets

ARTchitecture – Security Apartments

The Security Apartments building in Mankato has been standing since 1894 but has seen significant changes over the years.
Pressure Cooker

The Local Stir - Pressure Results In Great Menus!

Pressure can have a positive or negative impact. When looked at the right way, it can improve the work of a kitchen team - or any other kind of team!
Photo Courtesy of Blue Earth County Historical Society - R.D. Hubbard House in Mankato

Keepers of the Past - Blue Earth County Historical Society

The Blue Earth County Historical Society specializes in bringing the past to life for the education and enjoyment of the people of the Greater Mankato Area.