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Kayak on water

Weekend High Notes: Water

The journey to recovery is overwhelming, and this week, Molly encourages us to find the strength to heal within ourselves and with the help of a few weekend activities.
Broken Heart

Weekend High Notes: A Fearful Thing to Love What Death Can Touch

After a tough week, Molly explains why fear shouldn't keep us from living a full life.
Photo by Don Lipps - Lakota Made shampoo and body wash

A Place to Call Home: Lakota Made

Lakota Made founder and proprietor talks about the company's new physical store
Photo by Lisa Lardy - Detail from Shells

Artist of the Month: Lisa Lardy

As the artist of the month, Lisa Lardy takes us through her artistic journey that seems to have no bounds.
Finger painting

Weekend High Notes: Your Art Is Good Enough

It's time we stop criticizing ourselves and our work. Let loose and relax this weekend with some Molly-approved activities!
Photo by Don Lipps - North Mankato Fun Days at night

Weekend High Notes: Circling Back

This weekend, Molly not only recommends circling back to the past but, as always, a few fun activities to keep us busy.
Bald eagle makes splash catching a fish.

Weekend High Notes: 4th of July

Ready for the holiday weekend? If not, Molly has some great event recommendations to help celebrate this year's 4th of July.
Silhouette kid pray and worship to GOD on the sunset sky.Kid chi

Weekend High Notes: A World of Opportunity

Need a break from the chaos of everyday life? With Molly's help, we can open ourselves up to new opportunities and have some fun at local events!
Submitted Image - Work by Lindsay Gramentz

Artist of the Month: Lindsey Gramentz

When the world slowed down, Lindsey Gramentz's career as an artist picked up. Now, we can take a look into the cosmic and abstract depths that is her work.
Father and son

Weekend High Notes: Choosing Fatherhood

It's time to celebrate all the dads out there, and with Molly's help, we can find some great events to have a fun-filled Father's Day weekend!