St. Patricks Day - Mankato
St. Patricks Day - Mankato

It’s St. Patrick’s Day Weekend!

What comes to mind when I think about Saint Patrick’s Day? Shamrocks, the color green, celebrating Irish culture, green beer, telling tall tales with an Irish accent, Irish whiskey, really drunk people, McGowan’s Farm, and I’m pretty sure Chicago has a huge parade and dyes their river green.

Interesting thought though, Saint Patrick’s Day traditionally was made to honor, well, a Saint! Of course, it’s also about the arrival of Christianity in Ireland and Irish heritage overall. Lucky for those who are following Lenten restrictions, you’re off the hook and can indulge guilt free in all the Irish festivities since, according to Wikipedia, all the restrictions are lifted by the church on just this particular day. Time to work on your Irish toast!

I’m attempting to try an Irish goodbye instead of the long Minnesota goodbye. Since I’ve already said the word “goodbye,” I think I’m somewhere in the middle.

How will Mankato be celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day?

One person, Patrick Ryan, wrote and prepared “Patty’s Wake, An Evening of Irish Entertainment.” Here is what Facebook has to say about it.

“Written by Pat Ryan and inspired by Finnegan’s Wake and Flannagan’s Wake, audience members are attending a traditional Irish Wake for Paddy. Comedians, musicians, and improv actors will entertain you the entire evening! Featuring guests Ken Lonnquist with Irish band O’Darby and Jack McGowan. March 14, 15, & 16, 7:30 pm. Tickets include dinner of Irish Stew, Corned Beef and Cabbage. Cash bar available. Tickets $40 until March 8, $45 after and at the door. Tickets can be purchased by calling the Loose Moose, 507-345-1446.”

I have worked with Pat Ryan on a couple of shows and he does throw in an Irish joke almost every conversation we’ve ever had.

Some other happenings this weekend.

Sun Moon Yoga has their happy hour on Fridays at 4pm for just $5! Check out their new location at Union Market!

Union Market also has a new landscape and photography company on display called B North Photography.

Which reminds me of Artists of the Month at Mogwai, located in the Hubbard Building and art on display at Raydiance Salon. Both are displaying local talent! Sometimes it’s fun to stroll through these spaces for an easy weekend adventure. You never know what may catch your eye!

Really into working out and beer?

LocAle is hosting an event on Saturday from 11 am until noon called Pound and Pour. It’s a Sculpt, Sweat, and Rock cardio workout inspired by drumming, with a cold brew as your reward!

Maybe you’re into coffee and live acoustic music.

On Sunday I’ll be playing some easy-going afternoon vibes at the Coffee Hag from noon until 2 pm. I may have a guest or two join me on stage. I know for sure I’ll be having a dirty chai and I’m hoping they’re not sold out of their egg salad sandwich because that’s my favorite.

Speaking of food, have you tried the soup at The Wooden Spoon? I’ve heard it’s amazing!

With that, I’m attempting to try an Irish goodbye instead of the long Minnesota goodbye. Since I’ve already said the word “goodbye,” I think I’m somewhere in the middle.

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