Photo by Don Lipps - Jo's Fitness Garage

Working From Your “Why” – Jo’s Fitness Garage

By Katie Roiger “Exercise” isn’t a dirty word for Jo Radlinger. Ever since she can remember, working out and staying in shape have been business as usual to the former Wisconsin girl. Growing up on her...

Weekend High Notes: Free as a Bird

Want to feel as free as a bird? In this week's high notes, Molly recommends some fun weekend activities to help us spread our wings.
Airport departure board

Creating a Life of Change: MSU’s Greg Wilkins

Greg Wilkins has seen much adversity in his life and travels. He's used it to become stronger as he serves the students of MSU Mankato
Photo by Don Lipps - Blossoms

Weekend High Notes: A Poem A Day

Spring has sprung, and so has the opportunity to start something new. To help us on our fresh start, Molly has recommended some fun activities to kick off the first weekend of April.
Dark theater stage

Living Creativity on and Off Stage: Peter Bloedel

Peter Bloedel has a long list of accomplishments as a performer.
Photo Courtesy of Blue Earth County Historical Society - Home of Parsons King and Laura Johnson family in 1865. The house was built in 1854. L-R: Laura, Frank, Clarence, Parsons King, Charles and Julia.

Mankato’s Pioneer Women

Mankato's founding included a group of strong, influential women.
Piano keyboard

John and Gail Carpenter: The Singing Sweethearts

John and Gail Carpenter have been singing many styles of music together from the time they were in college.

Weekend High Notes: The Road Taken

Can't decide which road you want to take this weekend? No worries, Molly recommends some fun spring activities in this week's high notes to help you make that decision.
laboratory glassware

Louise Abigail Wright Mayo: An Overlooked Part of History

Usually overlooked, a large reason for the success of the Doctors Mayo was wife and mother Louise Abigail Wright Mayo
Hockey Rink

Changing the Narrative: Be the Zamboni you wish to see in the world

Robb Murray offers an apt illustration for a kinder path as we see the light at the end of the pandemic