The Mankato Symphony Presents a Competition for Young Musicians

    April 25th, 2022

    Mankato, MN – Thanks to a generous gift from Marian Anderson and the Mankato Area Foundation the Mankato Symphony Orchestra (MSO) will offer two new competitions for high schoolers, one for soloists and one for ensembles. Both will be held in the Spring of 2023. Prizes range from $250 to $2000 and winners will have an opportunity to perform with the Mankato Symphony Orchestra. The Ensemble Competition will be open to all area 9th-12th grade students who participate in a band or an orchestra program and the Solo Concerto Competition will be open to all high school solo instrumentalists throughout Minnesota. Students are encouraged to choose their repertoire before the end of our current school year so they can prepare over the summer months and apply for the competition in the fall of 2022. A list of repertoire may be found on the Mankato Symphony website.

    The competition will bring young people and their families to Mankato from all over the state. “It is an exciting time”, says Miguel Sousa, competition chair. “Mankato’s community is thrilling for opportunities to welcome visitors. I have been in Mankato since June of 2021, and it is fascinating seeing how much we have to offer.”

    “The MSO cares deeply about music education. What better way to motivate our youth to excel in the fine arts than through a competition?” says Bethel Balge, executive director of the MSO. “It is incredibly exciting to play with an orchestra, either as a section member or as a soloist, and we want to present every opportunity for our young people to experience this.”

    All information, including repertoire requirements, may be found at or contact Competition Chair Miguel Sousa at