The Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota Announces Taylor Farm

    August 30th, 2023

    The Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota is excited for the grand opening of Taylor Farm on September 21, 2023, an engaging and educational experience that combines modern agriculture, innovation, and playful exploration. The exhibit aims to provide children with experiences in modern agriculture practices to foster a love for the region’s agricultural heritage.

    “At the Glen A. Taylor Foundation, we are deeply committed to nurturing educational initiatives that enrich the lives of children. Our partnership with the Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota to fund Taylor Farm underscores our dedication to fostering innovative learning experiences. This exhibit represents a captivating blend of modern agriculture, interactive exploration, and cultural heritage. By enabling children to engage with the essence of agricultural practices, we hope to inspire a profound appreciation for our region’s farming legacy and the vital role it plays. Together, with the museum, we are excited to contribute to the growth and enrichment of our community’s educational landscape,” said Glen Taylor, Chairman and Founder of Taylor Corporation.

    Southern Minnesota is renowned for its vast fields of corn and soybeans that captivate us from car windows and school buses, now, get ready for an up-close and awe-inspiring encounter with farming like never before. This immersive experience revolves around four key elements: the AGCO – Fendt Tractor, Pigs on Wheels, the Barn, and a Corn Field. Let’s uncover its captivating features.

    The transformed full-size AGCO, Fendt Tractor will be perfect for climbing, driving and farm make believe. Real tractor tires were meticulously deconstructed, halved, and skillfully reassembled by the experts at Boss Display. This approach offers a twofold benefit: it adds an element of curiosity to the exhibit while also lowering the tractor’s height for improved visitor access.

    Visitors will be able to climb into the cab for an immersive experience from three vantage points: front, side, and back. All synchronized with authentic tractor sounds on an “attract loop” that is designed to captivate young minds and encourage exploration, even in the absence of an operator. Guests will be invited to select an operation and embark on a virtual adventure through the field.

    The Corn Field, will feature lifelike corn plants that are mounted on a sturdy structure, carefully designed for visual and sensory impact. The attention to detail in the field is evident as rigid stalks transition to lifelike corn cobs, leaves, and silks. Visible roots become conversation starters, initiating discussions about water absorption through roots.

    Pigs on Wheels, were crafted with meticulous detail, these curious exhibit elements are sure to delight and ignite imagination.

    The Barn will feature an engaging feeding system that leads children through the feed path, from grain bin to trough, and into their new friends’ bellies. This hands-on experience enhances understanding of the food chain and its significance in the pig’s diet. Guests will experience the joys of pig farming, sorting pigs with boards and moveable gates, caring for the sick, and ensuring food and water.

    “We are thrilled to partner with the Glen A. Taylor Foundation to bring this exhibit to life. Our aim is to provide children with a deeper understanding of the rich agricultural heritage of Southern Minnesota. With its interactive elements and engaging design, the exhibit will inspire curiosity, spark imaginations, and create lasting memories for our visitors,” Louise Dickmeyer, CEO, Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota.

    Taylor Farm has been a conversation in the works, stemming from discussions ignited by a collaboration with Sam Ziegler, Director of GreenSeam.

    “Taylor Farm stands as a remarkable testament to the power of collaborative conversations and shared visions. Our discussions have come to fruition through this exhibit opening. This exhibit eloquently symbolizes our steadfast commitment to propelling the agricultural narrative forward within our region. We are proud to contribute to such an exhibit that represents the multifaceted GreenSeam region that boasts pork production and advanced tractor manufacturing.” Sam Ziegler, GreenSeam.

    The Museum will be closed in preparation for the new exhibit September 11-14 for install and the Taylor Farm exhibit will be open to the public September 21, 2023.

    About Glen A. Taylor Foundation:

    The Glen A. Taylor Foundation proudly supports a wide variety of community-minded programs throughout the greater Mankato area. From advancing the education and social well-being of tomorrow’s leaders to providing shelter for those in greatest need, the Glen A. Taylor Foundation partners with organizations that seek to strengthen our community.

    About Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota:

    The mission of the Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota is to ignite the natural curiosity of every child through the power of play in a dynamic, awe-inspiring environment.