Pet Expo Hosts 1st Puppy Palooza

    August 27th, 2021

    MANKATO, Minn. — Pet Expo Distributors will be hosting a family and pet friendly outdoor event on September 11th from 11am – 3pm. There will be food, local animal rescues, local organizations and small businesses joining to create this event.

    This outdoor event is being held in the Pet Expo parking lot. The Pelican Food Truck of North Mankato will be available for visitors to purchase lunch. Two local animal rescues will be in attendance; Mending Spirits Animal Rescue of Mankato will be having a bake sale and Rejection Collection Boxer Rescue of Owatonna will have a vendor table. Each rescue will be bringing adoptable dogs! Puppy Palooza will also be seeing NutriSource, Treatos & Co, Ope Apparel and Kobe & Company. There will be plenty of treats, samples, toys, apparel and games! The 4-H Dog Project group will be providing information about how kids can become active in 4-H and work with dogs even if they don’t have one of their own. Additionally, Pet Expo will be providing music, a craft and a photo opportunity for families and their pets!

    Pet Expo is a local, family owned company. The Yenish family created Skatin’ World in 1975 and Pet Expo started off as a small attachment in 1987. As Pet Expo grew, new additions were created. Eventually, Skatin’ World did close but Pet Expo grew into the space. Today in Pet Expo, you can still see some of Skatin’ World’s original paintings but don’t be fooled, there have been many updates to the store over the years. In the last year, Pet Expo expanded into the old rental space, redid the floors and got a brand new layout. (And we aren’t done yet!)

    Over the last year and a half, the world has turned upside down but what hasn’t changed is the love for our dearest puppy pals! Creating a bond with customers and their dogs is something we strive for and thoroughly enjoy. We love when we get to see the transformation from young pupperinos to gray faced doggos. This event is to celebrate all of the pooches that complete our Pet Expo Family!

    We hope to see you all there!