Mankato Startup THE MEATERY Brings Homegrown Foods, Local Producers to Minnesota State Fair

    August 21st, 2023

    MANKATO, MN – You bought that chicken at the grocery store, but where did the grocery store get it from? Down the road? Out of state? Out of the country?

    “Those were questions we heard a lot,” says Colette Drager, President of The Meatery, an online startup with a mission to bridge the gap between homegrown producers and home chefs. “It used to be that most consumers didn’t think much about that: where does my meat come from?” says Drager, “but things are changing, and more consumers want to connect with the incredible stories behind their food.”

    As part of its mission to provide more consumers with quality meats, the Meatery will have a booth in the upcoming Minnesota State Fair. From August 24th to September 4th, 2023, The Meatery’s booth at the Eco Experience will allow fairgoers to meet the farmers behind the meat, sample delectable cuts, and learn about the company’s commitment to connecting good food with good people.

    Many of The Meatery’s partner producers will be at their booth at the fair, offering samples of everything from pork chops to burgers to snack sticks and more. Their partners include farms like Remmele Custom Beef, Fischer Family Farms, Hart Country Meats, and Fertile Acreage Farm, and small butchers and meat shops like Country Butcher Shop, and Wiste’s Meat Market. To see a full list of their fair lineup, head to

    “At the fair, visitors will have the chance to shake hands with our dedicated farmers, savor samples of thoughtfully curated meats, and enjoy exclusive fair promotions available only by visiting our booth. It’s a celebration of community, connection, and exceptional food,” says Drager.

    According to the North American Meat Institute’s 2022 State of Meat study, a growing number (64%) of home chefs want to serve meats that are better for their family, and a third want to serve meats raised with a commitment to animal and environmental welfare. The Meatery responds by providing an online marketplace where customers can purchase carefully curated boxes of meats directly from producers. Each box, packed and shipped by the producer, arrives at customers’ doors in environmentally friendly packaging, ensuring a seamless and eco-conscious experience.

    “At The Meatery, our goal is to revolutionize the connection between consumers and the farms that produce their meat. We’re not just selling cuts of beef, pork, and poultry; we’re offering a deeper connection to food sources and a commitment to transparency and sustainability,” says Drager.

    The Meatery stands apart with its dedication to transparency and ethical sourcing. Unlike traditional meat markets, every box purchased from The Meatery is never handled by a middleman. Instead, customers receive meats packed and shipped directly by the producers themselves. This approach provides a unique level of assurance, where home chefs enjoy every bite knowing exactly where it came from, how it was raised, and who brought it to them.

    “Our goal isn’t just to sell meat; it’s to empower consumers with knowledge about their food and support small farms and producers. We’re fostering a community that values quality, sustainability, and direct connections,” adds Drager.

    About The Meatery MN:

    The Meatery MN is a groundbreaking provider of premium meat cuts sourced directly from Minnesota’s small family farms and producers. Founded in 2022, The Meatery’s innovative approach connects consumers with their food sources, supports local producers, and fosters community and connection through exceptional meats. With these win-win partnerships, The Meatery is transforming the landscape of food sourcing and promoting sustainable agriculture.