Commerce Drive Improvement Project – Call for Artists – Public Art Opportunity

    July 24th, 2019

    Deadline to apply: July 31, 2019

    The City of North Mankato has been working with stakeholders and the general public to achieve a shared vision for the future of Commerce Drive. A mix of industrial, commercial, and residential uses combine to provide a major employment center and a key retail and service district for area residents. Surface transportation dollars will facilitate needed upgrades to the roadway and other improvements such as streetscaping and reduced vehicular access points. This core business district will become a community destination through an enhanced business presence, improved transportation and cohesive area design.



    Improvements along the business corridor include pedestrian friendly streetscaping including new light poles, wider sidewalks and mid-way crosswalk, designation of a trail along the south side of Commerce Drive connecting to Bluff Trail which runs along Hwy 14, improved transportation experience with the closure of several vehicle access points, and pedestrian gathering nodes.

    Opportunities for public art are located within four pedestrian gathering locations complete with benches, pedestrian level lights, plantings, drinking fountains, waste receptacles, and wayfinding signage. Generally the artwork(s) should be visually engaging and compliment the aesthetic of the new streetscaping, while being sensitive to the nature of activities that occur within the immediate area (i.e. vehicle traffic, walking, biking, and shopping).

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