Photo by Grace Brandt - Storefront of Cheap Chics in Nicollet

Cheap Chics

Cheap Chics offers something for everyone. You'll find up-cycled crafts and furniture, home decor, handcrafted signs and custom-designed apparel.
Cabin Bar - Nicollet, MN

Cabin Bar

The Cabin Bar, a long-time local original in Nicollet, offers a variety of beer and cocktails.
Rapid Ricks Bar & Grill - Nicollet

Rapid Rick’s Bar & Grill

Local original, Rapid Rick's Bar & Grill in Nicollet offers baskets, wraps, burgers, daily specials, happy hour and live music. Full breakfast offered Monday through Saturday.

Schmidt’s Meat Market

Schmidt's Meat Market in Nicollet sells bratwurst, sausages, various cuts of meats and cheeses, and processes venison.