Wooden Spoon

    Photo by Don Lipps - Wooden Spoon - Mankato, MN
    Photo by Don Lipps - Wooden Spoon - Mankato, MN

    Warming Hearts One Spoonful at a Time



    • Monday–Friday: 6 am – 6 pm
    • Saturday: 8 am – 4 pm
    • Sunday: Closed


    Wooden Spoon Logo
    Wooden Spoon Logo

    Wooden Spoon formerly know as Friesen’s Family Bakery & Bistro has been delivering home-baked goodness since 2014. Their goal is to provide both superior customer experience and tremendous value for customers.

    “Wooden spoons have been handed down for generations. They come from grandparents, parents, other family members or close friends. Wooden Spoon represents a time of old, invoking memories of family dinners, holiday joy and all-around good times. We take the Wooden Spoon, and are excited to make new memories of fellowship, partnership and community pride. From our table to yours, we introduce our new chapter: Wooden Spoon. Fresh. Local. Food.”