The Thunder Bar & Restaurant

    Thunder Bar & Grill - Good Thunder, MN
    Thunder Bar & Grill - Good Thunder, MN



    Temporary Delivery Hours

    • 10 am-2 pm, 5 pm – 8 pm

    Regular Hours (will resume upon notice)

    • Monday-Thursday: 7 am–2 pm, 5–8 pm
    • Friday: 7 am–2 pm, 5–9 pm
    • Saturday: 7 am–9 pm
    • Sunday: 9 am–1 pm, 5–8 pm


    At The Thunder we have Daily Lunch Specials and Daily Night Specials as well as a Daily Drink Special.

    Our Nightly Specials are:

    • Monday-Hamburger Steak $8.99
    • Tuesday-Our Special Mexican Menu (regular menu also available!)
    • Wednesday-All You Can Eat Butterfly Shrimp
    • Thursday-All You Can Eat Fried Chicken $8.99
    • Friday & Saturday– Prime Rib, Walleye, Whiskey Steak, All You Can Eat BBQ Pork Ribs and All You Can Eat Butterfly Shrimp. We also have other weekend Specials that switch around like Seafood Stuffed Salmon and other items.
    • Sunday-All You Can Eat Popable Shrimp.

    Sunday from 9 am-Noon we have a large Breakfast Buffet with Pancakes, French Toast, Hash-browns, Am. Fries, Biscuits & Gravy, Egg Bake, Breakfast Pizza, Bacon, Asst Muffins, Mini Donuts, Yogurt, Granola, Fruit and more!

    Our Daily Lunch Specials are always Different except Thursdays! Thursdays we always rotate a Commercial, could be Beef, Pork or Turkey!


    Friday & Saturday nights we also have a WELL STOCKED Salad Bar! We Always have Homemade Soups, Chili and Desserts as well as Brownies!