Culvers - North Mankato, MN


Located in upper North Mankato, Culvers offers frozen custard, "butter burgers," soup, sandwiches and fries.
Circle Inn - North Mankato, MN

Circle Inn

A local original bar, the Circle Inn, in the heart of lower North Mankato, offers a full bar, regular live music, and karaoke.
Dairy Queen West - Mankato, MN

Dairy Queen West

Dairy Queen West is a “Cake & Treat” center locally owned for 29 seasons.
Dairy Queen, Lake Crystal, MN

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen in Lake Crystal serves their famous cool treats and grilled fare.
Dairy Queen - St. Peter, MN

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen, located near HyVee Hilltop in Mankato, serves their famous cool treats and grilled fare.
El Mazatlan - Mankato, MN

El Mazatlan

El Mazatlan in Mankato offers an authentic, full menu of Mexican food also serving Margaritas.
Flask Bar and Grill - Mankato, MN


Opened in 2018 by local expert restaurateurs, the Person family, Flask offers a high-energy atmosphere with great food, drinks and fun.
Flame Bar and Grill - St Peter, MN

Flame Bar

The Flame Bar in St. Peter is a local original bar & grill offering daily food and drink specials.
Jimmy John's - Mankato, MN

Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John's is a chain specializing in sub sandwiches and signature potato chips.
Johnny B's Bar & Beef - Mankato, MN

Jonny B’s Bar & Beef

Jonny B's in Mankato is a local original known for its roast beef sandwiches and offering a full menu and bar.