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China Star - Mankato, MN

China Star

Located near Walmart in Mankato, China Star offers a full menu of Chinese dishes including daily lunch specials.
China Buffet - Mankato, MN

China Buffet

A Mankato local original all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet offering a huge assortment of traditional dishes and sides.
China Town - St Peter, MN

China Town

China Town in the heart of downtown St. Peter is a local original, full-featured, Chinese restaurant offering take-out or dine-in fare.
Great Wall - St Peter, MN

Great Wall

Great Wall is a local original serving Chinese fare in downtown St. Peter.
Hunan Garden - North Mankato, MN

Hunan Garden

Local original Hunan Garden in lower North Mankato has a daily lunch buffet along with a full menu of familiar Chinese dishes.
New Great Wall Chinese Restaurant - North Mankato, MN

New Great Wall

Located in Upper North Mankato, New great Wall serves Chinese and Thai fare as well as a daily buffet.
Panda Express Restaurant - Mankato, MN

Panda Express

Panda Express in Mankato is known for their Orange Chicken and other Chinese-American fare as well as health-conscious offerings.

Wakai’s Asian Fusion

Wakai's Asian Fusion, located in the U-Square near the MSU campus, offers a thorough tour of Asia's cuisines from Vietnamese, Thai, Lao, Chinese, and Japanese.
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