Peacepipe Park - Mankato, MN

Peacepipe Park

Peacepipe Park is located in a residential area on the Mankato hilltop close to Walmart.
Riverside Park - St. Peter, MN

Riverside Park

Riverside Park in St. Peter, is a hidden gem nestled on the west bank of the Minnesota River just south of Highway 99.
Roy T. Lindenberg Public Swimming Pool - St. Peter, MN

Roy T. Lindenberg Public Swimming Pool

The Roy T. Lindenberg Public Swimming Pool in St. Peter is open between the end of May and late August.
South Avenue Park - North Mankato, MN

South Avenue Park

Built in 1947, South Avenue Park is one of the smallest and oldest parks in North Mankato. This quaint space in lower North offers a playground and is right around the corner from the Taylor Library.
St. Peter Community Center - St. Peter, MN

St. Peter Community Center

The St. Peter Community Center is the community's modern, indoor rec center offering a variety of activities.
Sibley Farm - Mankato, MN

Sibley Farm

Located in Sibley Park, in Mankato, Sibley Farm offers a small zoo and a playground.
Sibley Park - Mankato, MN

Sibley Park

One of the oldest and largest parks in Mankato, Sibley Park abounds with recreational and entertainment opportunities.
St. Peter Public Library - St. Peter, MN

St. Peter Public Library

Come expand your mind's horizon at the St. Peter Public Library.
Photo by Don Lipps - Seven Mile Creek Park

Seven Mile Creek County Park

With over 600 acres of woods, creeks, hills, trails and playgrounds, Seven Mile Creek Park, located between Mankato and St. Peter is one of the region's hidden gems!
Thomas Park - Mankato, MN

Thomas Park

One of Mankato's many ball fields, Thomas Park also offers restrooms and a playground.