Piano keyboard

John and Gail Carpenter: The Singing Sweethearts

John and Gail Carpenter have been singing many styles of music together from the time they were in college.

Weekend High Notes: The Road Taken

Can't decide which road you want to take this weekend? No worries, Molly recommends some fun spring activities in this week's high notes to help you make that decision.
laboratory glassware

Louise Abigail Wright Mayo: An Overlooked Part of History

Usually overlooked, a large reason for the success of the Doctors Mayo was wife and mother Louise Abigail Wright Mayo
Hockey Rink

Changing the Narrative: Be the Zamboni you wish to see in the world

Robb Murray offers an apt illustration for a kinder path as we see the light at the end of the pandemic
Submitted Photo - Volunteers at work in MSU Mankato's Campus Kitchen

Food For Thought: MSU’s Campus Kitchen

MSU Mankato's Campus Kitchen has been an active, student-led, food rescue program in service since 2005.

Weekend High Notes: The Happiness Formula

Are you looking for the secret to happiness? If so, in this week's High Notes, Molly shares the formula for happiness and a few activities to brighten up your weekend.
Submitted Photo - Art by Annie Hiller

Artist of the Month: Annie Hiller

Annie Hiller is the artist of the month for March at the Fillin' Station
Submitted Photo - Boy in Blue statue

Living History: The Boy in Blue Memorial

Almost 30 years after the Civil War, a group from Mankato banded together to memorialize those who had fallen. In recent years, another group gathered for the self-same task.
Bootprint on mud

Weekend High Notes: The Muddy Season

In the mood to have some fun? For the weekend, Molly recommends some art, music, and fun events that will help you tap into your creative self.
Double Tornado

The Mankato Tornado of 1946

MankatoLIFE author, Carlienne Frisch tells the story around the events of August 17, 1946 and the tornado that wreaked havoc on the fringe of Mankato.